3.1 Guild Task Rewards - Pending Updates


Are they serious??? We used to get 590 Gems for completing Blue right?

Wow i am ging to kick off


they said, that they would convert gems to gem keys. It’s still a super low amount of gems though


So they as I see it think because you get 200/300 gems in Guild Wars if in B1/B2 that balances things out


“Some” apparently means everything at the later task tiers, if we’re only getting 140 Gems now.


This is from all guild tasks


Sorry i puked in my mouth
This is really disgusting


Thanks for that mate.

Well, if this is the same tomorrow on Console then i need advice. The gems going from 590 to 140 is really effecting VIP chest pulls and lower guilds. I didnt pay to get shards etc i paid to open VIP chests.

Unless they are going to change how VIP chests work? I doubt it.

There has to grounds for a complaint now surely?


I’m going to examine all the numbers tomorrow. There were a lot of things shifted around and I’m going to have to explain the value I give a Diamond and try to extrapolate the value they gave a Diamond.


Yeah, I was guesstimating 250 Gems, which would have already cut it by more than 50%. This is…just, wow.

Raw Gems have been nerfed 76% from the Blue guardian.

On what planet is this even remotely fair to the players, especially VIPs? 35 Gem Keys doesn’t help VIPs buy VIP chests.


Awesome, thanks for that. Was the confirmation I needed that I didn’t screw up the math.

All the data is now entered. Biggest casualty of course is Gems, reduced from 590 to 140, representing a 450 Gem reduction in payout. All other currencies were also reduced to a lesser degree, except Gem Keys, which according to naive calculations represents a mitigation of 170 Gems of “lost” value, assuming intent to use Gems on Gem Keys. In this case, the reduction of Gems could be considered to be 590 to 310. However, Gems are a much more flexible currency, so this is a dubious assertion.

Biggest gains were in Shards and Diamonds. These are new, and basic Guild Tasks now award 3,000 Shards and 150 Diamonds.


If you want gems you had better hand them your credit card because you are going to need it!


I didn’t puke, but I am as disgusted as you are. They’ve reduced the number of gems from Guild Tasks from 590 to 140 (4-fold reduction) and removed the gems from Legendary Tasks.

Everything about the 3.1 patch screams “MONEY GRAB” to me. :frowning: :angry:

And they didn’t even fix most of the bugs that have been around for a year…

I guess it’s time to find another game to play. I might as well start browsing the Steam store as soon as I finish changing my 2014 review of Gems of War to someting more accruately describing the current state of the game…


Well my friend that is the problem… i HAVE used my card and paid in advance to open VIP chests!

We need some legal digital purchase rights person in here, because i am sure they cant do this.


They did not touch the useless maps! They should take those away because no one uses them!


Wait a minute, are you saying 80 stupid gems keys worth 450 gems? No freaking way!!!


Well if you consider it would cost 10 Gems to open a Gem chest, they in their eyes those keys are worth 800 Gems!


Yup they could change it for colored jewels at least


That, at least, is a better value proposition. If I used 450 gems to buy gem keys, I would only get 50 gem keys. Everything else about this seems disappointing. The one hope I have is that my less-active guild sees an activity increase from the speed boosts, which should let us access higher-ranked tasks than we used to.


Part 1 is done. Time to go do part 2


There is no 80 gems keys because we get before 63 gem keys…
It’s only 17 additional gem keys.