3.1 Guild Task Rewards - Pending Updates


I did up to 8:

Costs remain the same as before.


I’ve filled in the chart with all the data I’ve found so far.


Oh man, the exchange rate on those diamonds are not looking favorable so far compared to what was on the table before. Even worse than the exchange rate for the Gem Bounty on Monday-Saturday so far, which already had unfavorable projections. Hope to have the full data tomorrow so I can run the analysis.



Wait, did I calculate that correctly?

140 gems per week? lol

Time to start collecting tribute every hour…


I’m getting 140, but still…


Yes, 140, that is totally the number I initially had up. :wink:


Still looking for:

Green 11
Yellow 10
Purple 9 and 10

11 star row is likely 25 Diamonds across.


Pruple 12 - 2000 Souls



Yellow 12 - 80 Glory Keys
Brown 12 - 80 Glory Keys


I got 150 Diamonds in total, so Green 11 must be 25 Diamonds as well.

I got 336 Glory keys in total, so Yellow 10 must be 40 Glory Keys assuming there are no Glory Keys in Purple Tasks


Me that is not a forum snooker didn’t expect to get diamonds from the tasks, so its a little fun at least.


So we will get fewer gems than before. It is terrible.


Just need Purple 9 and 10 now, but I suspect they’re only Souls rewards. Tallying the deltas now assuming this is the case.


Don’t worry, we only cut 20-25% of the gems from guild task


Or are we now able to use gem keys at VIP chests?


Purple 9 is 500 Souls


Purple 9 - 500 souls
Purple 10 - 1000 souls


500 souls for Purple 9 (if that means the task when 8/12 appears).


They said they cut the overall amount of rewards by 20% but also converted “some” (?) gems to keys.