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*1 SPOT OPEN* (Rank #13) Heroes United - The Casual Guild that Could. COME AND JOIN THE PARTY

The invite has been sent Bender! Future welcome to the guild! Your candy shall be added to the collection pot where our leprechaun sits to protect them (yes, we take our candy seriously).

We are glad to have you 7ekn00! Listen to what he says, his soul is a Jedi.

Thanks. I’m up and running (well plodding compared to you guys!).


Friendly chatter, no drama, lots of contributing. Happy guild times. :slight_smile:

Hello fellow matchers! We currently have one spot open and are looking to fill it with an active player!

We don’t have a weekly contribution requirement and right now we are all focusing on leveling kingdoms and contributing when we are able too. Come join the party train! Choo Choo :train: (yeah that’s an actual train, pwnt)

Hey, new to the forum and been playing for a couple of weeks. Only level 15 but I play most days and I will always contribute.

Invite code: Baldred

Your invitation has been sent!! Future welcome to the guild Baldred! I hope you continue to enjoy the game and the guild bonuses! :slight_smile:

Dang, Pew snaked that one right out from under me.


Have another slot to fill!! Post your invite code! Join the party train!

Looking for a fun active guild! I’m lvl 120 and I’m active and contributing daily! Invite “aaaaaaaack”


Invite sent! :slight_smile: Future welcome to the guild!

Awesome! Glad to be a part of the guild :smiley:

Come one, Come all! Another spot has opened! Found another month inactive lurking among us, hiding in the bushes. Post your invite code and fill the spot! Join us on our mission for hunting down matches and all that shall stand before us!

P.S. We have cookies

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Sound like fun, I would like to join:
invite code: ISILDUUR
Current level 56

The invite has been sent! Future welcome to the guild!! :slight_smile:

Hi there, i would like to join your guild.

My invite code is hatsunemiku598. Currently lvl 118 at the moment of writing.


Hello! I’m sorry, unfortunately we are full at the moment but I will most certainly message you when/if a spot opens up!

Hello party people!! Recruitment is now officially open again! We have quite a few spots open as it was time to trim the fat like we did our turkeys! We wish the long time in-actives well, but it is time for some fresh meat! Post your invite code and possibly some other fancy info about yourself for an invite!

Happy matching all!

We are on a ROLL jumping a couple of rank positions per month!

Come and be part of the fun :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s true! And the spots are filling up quick! Only one more spot available!

Recruitment is open! Two spots available. Casual or hardcore welcome.

We have moved up the league ranks and are now rank 21!!

Post your invite code and join us in our matching mission!