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** Heroes United (29/30) ** High Ranking Semi-Casual Guild ** GW Bracket 3 ** Rank 39 ** 40k S ** Close all Portals & 10+ LT Weekly ** NO Discord

Reborn from the ashes of its casual roots, Heroes United is rising to lofty new slightly-less-casual heights!

Featuring all the trappings of other top guilds, we still aim to set ourselves apart from the pack with less onerous membership requirements and a gentler focus on competitive play, aka trophy farming. Like to spend more of your time exploring, or doing treasure maps? We don’t mind as long as the cash is coming in!

Minimum requirements for joining:

  • 400k in donated gold
  • 100 trophies
  • 1300 seals
  • GW completed daily
  • 1 Sentinel Level (i.e. Level 1 Attack or Level 1 Life) per 100 levels. (Maxes at 8 Sentinel Levels)

Dream Candidate Wishlist

  • 550k donated gold per week
  • 1500 seals/wk
  • All kingdoms level 10

We’re still willing to take on early-game players who are comfortable trading a larger % of their earnings necessary to hit the minimum gold requirement, but prefer established players.

If interested, please tell us a few relevant details about yourself, and one of our exceedingly hospitable representatives will take things from there!


^^ It’s all good fun :smiley:

Plenty of experienced players around to help with anything you need (except reach-arounds apparently, but I suspect some might be flexible there) :stuck_out_tongue:



I’am interested though iam only level 102 and still in process of upgrading all my kingdoms (have 7 at lvl 10 atm) so my gold donations might be bit lower compared to other guild members but atleast i can rack up some trophies no problemos.

Anyways invite code is PSYCHOHAMSTER if you decide iam worth of your time


Invite sent! Welcome to the team, brother. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sending the invite snorrax :smiley: What a pro :slight_smile:

Future welcome to the guild!!!

Thanks for the invite and for the warm welcome! I feel like home allready :slight_smile:

I’m interested. Level over 300 and donate generously.
Is your guild “Join by invite only”?

Hello, still got room for one more?

I am kinda addicted to this game and play alot everyday. Just lvl 58 for now (dont have xp armor) but i got spider one with 50% gold and saving up for dragons. Anyway i like to contribute alot and the pvp for me has been easy.

my invite code is: KYYNEL_1

Sorry @YoshinoKirin and @kyynel, we only had one spot open and PsychoHamster beat everyone to the punch.

We’ll announce in here once another spot opens up. If you’d like, I’d say set this thread to watching or tracking so you’ll get a heads up when it has new posts.

@Q2Cutter sorry we are full for now, but noting your interest here on our current recruitment thread for when there’s room!

We have one exceedingly rare spot open! Lost a longtime member to WoW’s siren song.

Our loss is your gain! Most of our members are well established and furiously donating to the cause. Well over 200 gems for each member today alone.

If you’re up to the challenge of keeping up with our party train, you’ll be welcomed aboard with open arms.

ill join if the spot is still open my invite code is STABITO

nevermind I see from the league panel you filled your spot

Did you fill your spot? I’m rank 153 and pvp to rank 1 every week and login at least once a day. Would need to leave my current guild if you are interested.

I apologize for the delay in response. Spot was indeed filled quickly after thread was edited.

Alas, real world responsibilities have claimed two of our members. We wish them well in their pursuit of medical degrees and professional achievement.

We have two openings for enterprising players who consider themselves capable of filling some big shoes. We’re gearing up for inter-guild competitions in the next update and would prefer established players who can hit the ground running with donations.

So if you’re looking for a guild with proactive leadership, a relaxed environment with friendly guildies, and hardcore-level task completion, look no further! Your new family is waiting to welcome you with our warm embrace!


I want to join to your guild. 300+ gold contribute everyweak

We’re down to one spot available already, and we have 3 applicants. Everyone seems qualified, so the only way to do this fairly is let it come down to whoever acts first.

EDIT: Lektor, welcome to the guild!

i’ve leave guild and ready to join. Invite code LEKTOR

Invite sent!

edit: And immediately accepted!

Thank you and apologies to the other two applicants. I’ll let both of you know via PM next time we have spots open up.

We have 1 spot open!