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** Heroes United (29/30) ** High Ranking Semi-Casual Guild ** GW Bracket 3 ** Rank 39 ** 40k S ** Close all Portals & 10+ LT Weekly ** NO Discord

Hi there, I would like to join your guild.
My current level is 292 and contribute about 300k-400k each week.

edit: slot has been filled!

I would like to join. Current level 359, all kingdoms level 10, 14 at 3 stars. Contribute 200k gold on a slow week, 500k on a good week. Have left my current guild. Invite code AMUNGUS.

Sold! Invite sent!

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One spot up for grabs! Over 30 gem tasks completed today already!

Please send a request to LINJA. I usually get rank1 within the first day or two and can contribute gold.

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I’m sorry, spot was filled a little while ago via other member’s recruiting and I just now have a chance to edit the thread once more.

hi i am lvl 700 all kindgom lvl 10 and 5 stars minimum
my code invite is : Lapin_1
What s requirement please in golds and trophee?

for week of course ^^

one spot avible all active players welcome :slight_smile:

Is there any room for joining? I am searching the active guild.

I promise for my good activity.



dont worry be happy sent invite :slight_smile:

You must leave currently guild :slight_smile:

I am interested in joining an active guild and can donate a good amount of gold, earn a good amount of trophies, and 1500 guild seals per week.


Someone give Mary a chance in their guild before that lovely smile turns upside down!

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invite sent BLEUORCHID21 welcome to Heroes United :slight_smile:

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Then… Am i late?? I’ve just quit x-guild… O_o

One spot avible :slight_smile: all active players welcome (min lvl 40, 1200 - 1500 seals)

Come join the best serious-casual guild! We’re currently ranked #15 in the guild league, Grandmaster 1 (300% gold bonus), all guardians at max. Plus you get a party hat! :sunglasses: All we ask is that you keep up with your peers. Easy right? :wink:


Hi invite code xuyuu89 here, lvl 607 recently coming back to the game, will meet whatever req guild seeks but mainly i want the gold donation to be maxed our weekly, please invite me thank!

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