#lfg lvl1120 recruit me!

Back once again (for the renegade master) for probably the 18millionth time. Lvl1100-something something darkside, 100+ trophies, 1.3k+ seals ish. Probably not going to be a daily player this time around, maybe the casual play will keep me around longer. I dunno. If I try and can hang with the big boys, but I really don’t need a second job. HMU if you have a casual guild with some decent bonuses. Reply here I forget to check PM’s.

Actually Ronin77 sounds like your new guild. Do you have Line? We are almost entirely a guild from LGOH who said f__ that shit and found this game. We are super fun to be with.

And I love the renegade master… Lmao my buddy made a great mix with that track

Sure, sling me an invite CHKNSNDWCHUK

Wow, it’s never taken this long to get into a guild before xD still looking if anyone has space

Your name when tyoed into search don’t come up

What’s that page? My invite code in game is definitely CHKNSNDWCHUK

Ohhh I’m an idiot I thought that was line…(smacks forehead)

Invite sent

We do all chats on the line app

Did you end up joining Ronin77?

If not,