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[Recruitment] In Virtue Top 50 Guild - Req 500K gold 100T

We are not really a “starter” guild, but not a full on “Guild wars is my life” guild either. Recomend be level 300 or above, but if your lower and really keen to spend the time then you’re welcome.
Many are long time players who enjoy relaxing with a bit of gem matching and like to try out new team combonations.

The guild level is over 1020 all guardians are over 150
Our current League is Demi-god which adds 400% to your daily gold log on bonus.
Also we complete all tasks each week making PvP easier

We are looking fo like minded folk who are either looking to support the guild and its members before they step off to the “big time” or like minded folk who enjoy the game, want to be in an active high placed guild with it’s many advantages but not stress out.

On Mythic weeks we have an additional 1000 seal requrement.

Guild wars are open but not a requirement (which suits people who can’ always log on everyday)

Hi. My level is 408. All of kingdoms level 10 . Seals 1500, trophies 250 – 300. I can donate 500k – 600k gold. If you interested my invite code is NIGHTF_YF9D.

That sounds great. let me know when you are ready to leave your current
guild. I will be on line on and off for the next 3 hours.

Are you still recruiting?

Yip let me know your invite code and when you’re out of your guild and I’ll invite you.

THIZZLERH20_EBMH is my invite code

welcome, we still a spot left folks :slight_smile:

We are looking for 2 awesome members :slight_smile: