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In Virtue is currently recruiting. Rank 16!

We are looking for active, respectful, fun players to join our guild. We offer assistance to new members and we are active in chat for a good laugh. All we ask is to be respectful of all people and follow our simple rules;


1- Read the chat from time to time.
2- You have to provide 30k gold per week.
3- You have to provide 80 trophies per week.
4- If you don’t provide 30k gold or 80 trophies per week you will get a warning, 2 warnings and you will be kicked.
5- If you have problems in real life or on vacation or cannot play the game for a while please tell us in the chat section so we don’t kick you out.
6- If you don’t login the game for a week or so without giving an explanation you will be kicked.

We had the top spot at one point and are looking for members to help achieve this goal.

Please provide an invite code. 27 of 30 members. If we get full, I can put you on the waiting list.

Happy Hunting!


Hi. I would love to join I’m lv 77 player with dragon armour and legendaries. I’m in guild currently but want more active guild as I play every day.

Invite code is WILLIS_1. If you will accept me I will leave current guild so you can invite.

Hey Pyrospulan,

I’m looking for a new guild, and In Virtue seems a good fit. I seem to have missed the window though (as the ladder shows you’re full). Could you let me know if you have another opening? I’m in a guild currently, but rigor mortis has set in. My invite code is BOBOMB. I’m level 428, pretty solidly addicted to the game and happy to contribute gold, trophies and good spirits.


Hey Bobomb,
We will be kicking some people from our guild tonight and I’ll be sure to invite you this week. Please leave current guild and I’ll send you invite tonight.


We are looking for more recruits. Interested?
Leave invite code

All, repeat all of our gem masteries are 50+! This is a top ranked guild

We are currently full but if you want to be in the top 20 guilds and can follow our rules, I’ll put you on the waiting list. Open slots will, repeat will be available this Monday!


Hey , i would wish to join when a slot is available , not really a high level but can easily achieve the needed amount. Really getting tired of inactive guilds , feels like I am the only one doing the quests. (ADOLPH 8) *in a guild at the moment but would definitely leave if a spot is availabe

Well alrighty then. Be sure to leave your guild on Sunday night and I’ll send you an invite. I’ll let the guild know of your arrival.

cheers, i hope i can make an excellent addition to the team

PRIDY would like to join - my other half. He can make the contributions and trophies.

That sounds great, I’ll put you on the list for Monday’s recruits. Please leave your current guild so the acceptance will be easier.

See you soon!!!


Alright, The new action is if anyone wants an invite, please leave current guild right away so we can invite immediately. Our leader, Ricky is very active and will get you in.


He has left his guild. Invite when ready!

Left mine as well

Both invites sent. Hope you get them.


We’ll be recruiting after tomorrow’s update. Some members will be kicked for more active, fun people.

Hi I,m level 467 and want to join your guild. My invite code is IKASTEN.

See ya.

The invite has been sent. Hope you receive


We are again recruiting as some member were not following the rules. We are a fun guild, we just want you to be active and participate. 3 spots left.