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[OPEN: 1] In Virtue is recruiting | Rank #39 | 500kG/100T 1000S (Mythic weeks) | GW optional

UPDATED: Oct 29, 2017

Guild info
Guild level: 915
Rank #39 (662k Trophies)
Guardian level: 127~137

Requirements (per week)
500,000 Gold
100 Trophies
1,000 Seals (Mythic weeks only)

Guild Wars participation is optional.

Additional Requirements
Hero level: 300+; OR
All Kingdoms at level 10.

Guild benefits
Daily gold bonus: +380%
Masteries: +127~137

  • Tribute chance bonus: 6%
  • XP Bonus: 50%
  • Map turn bonus: +6
  • Tribute amount bonus: 10%
  • Souls bonus: 50%
  • Glory bonus: +2

Guild usually completes 4 to 6 tasks; occasionally we complete a few legendary tasks.

We unlock the 20k guild chest every week; we usually unlock the 40k Guild Chest when a new Mythic is released.

If you are interested, post your invite code below.

Still Recruiting :slight_smile: .

I would like to join, invite code: MERDIS

Merdis, invite code sent :slight_smile:

A player left, 2 slots now available.

I would like to help your guild, invite code: rtrvolbama

Hi, rtrvolbama.
Please leave your current guild, so that I can send you an invitation.

Thank you, I have left the guild.

I would like to join if there are still slots available. Thank you.

Invite code: Soren Kel

Invite sent.

Thanks you!

1 spot available.

Dis that spot still available?

Invite code MARGOLA if spot is (not dis) available.

Spot is still available. Please leave your current guild.

Nemesis, left guild, please send invite, thanks

Invite sent.

Guild is now full.

Hey, just leaving a name in case a spot opens up some time in the near future. CHRISTIAN_80

One spot available.

Still have a spot? I am lv 201, all kingdoms lv 10, all but 2 at 1 gold star, and a handful at 3 gold stars.

I usually do 200k gold donated per week, 1000 seals, and 100 trophies.

Iā€™m fairly new to the game, how do I find invite code?