[OPEN: 1] In Virtue is recruiting | Rank #39 | 500kG/100T 1000S (Mythic weeks) | GW optional


Hi brandonwiker,

You can find your invite code next to the Quit button in the Settings screen.


Found it, thanks. Code:



Please leave you current guild.


Just left my guild


Invite sent.

One spot available.


Hello. May I apply? Requirements are fine fr me, thanks.


Hello Strosek,

Invite sent. (if Strosek is your in game name).



One spot available.


Hi, I’m interested if you still have a spot. I’ve level 658, all kingdoms are at least 5 stars. Your requirements shouldn’t be an issue for me.


Invite sent.

One spot available.


Hi, I’m shopping around for a new, more active guild. Does your guild
ever get all task completed? Do you get 40k seals? I’ve never seen either of those in my current guild…I’m at level 805, all kingdoms maxed, contribute 400k, 1500 seals and around 150 trophies weekly.


Outdated info

[spoiler]We usually complete two colors, others are stuck at 9~10/12 atm.
As for the seals, 34k has been our best so far.

We are evaluating a readjustment of our requirements, but that’s what we can offer for now.


Thanks for your reply. Sounds like you are doing pretty well for such low requirements, but I will have to pass for now.


One spot available.


Still have a spot open? I’m looking for a more active guild


Yes. What are your stats?


Level 158, all kingdoms maxed. So far this week I’ve donated 350k gold/1k seals/162T


Ok, I need your invite code.


my invite code is BGQ Tony


Invite sent.

One spot available.