[OPEN: 1] In Virtue is recruiting | Rank #39 | 500kG/100T 1000S (Mythic weeks) | GW optional


If uou still have any places available let me know your requirements I’m level 900 with 24 5 star kingdoms


We still have a spot free.

Please check the first post in this thread for requirements and guild benefits.


I can meet your requirements my Invite code is DELANO


Invite sent.

Guild is now full.


Thanks Ive just joined


One spot available.


Hi, I’m interested in joining.

Level 211, all kingdoms maxed, deathknight armor, 1500 seals weekly and gold/trophies different amounts (depend on how much work i have) but i meet your requirements (exceed).
invite code TRAFEK

I’m currently in a guild but let me know if I can join and I’ll leave it.



Positive, you can now leave your guild.


sry i went sleep (europe time), but i left my guild, you can send me invite


One spot open.


Hey, I’d be interested in joining
Invite code: KUJAR3PLAYER


Invite Sent. :slight_smile:


One spot available.


Please add me , I am level 28 and this is 4th day of the game, I have already the bonus gold armor, and I want to grow fast and help the guild. Invite code : PLA13YER. Thx.


Please leave your guild.


One spot available.


Hey, I’m interested in joining. Level 291 with magic kingdoms at 10 and rest are 6-7.
Invite code: SMOREKYLE
I’m currently in a guild right now but if i can join just let me know and i’ll leave


You can leave your guild.


@nemesis done


Open: 1 ***