[OPEN: 1] In Virtue is recruiting | Rank #39 | 500kG/100T 1000S (Mythic weeks) | GW optional


Hey Nemesis. I would be interested in joining and can fulfill your requirements. All my kingdoms are level 10 and I can do 500k gold, 1500 seals and 400-500 trophies a week easily. Let me know when to leave my guild. Thanks in advance!

Invite code: QUEL_1


Hello Quel,

We can send you an invite when you leave your guild. I am up for another hour or two and can send an invite in that time period.


I have left my guild now and am ready for an invite. Thanks in advance!


Invite sent.


OPEN: 1 spot available.


Invite ploxxkangas


Invite sent.

Guild is full.


I’m looking for a new guild when you have an opening. Can easily fill your req.'s. Level 609. All kingdoms at 10. If someone drops, please send an invite to: Huxley_1
Thanks a lot


Hi Warmskin, thanks for your interest in our guild.

We already have another player in line, but I can put you on the waiting list, if you’d like.
Please notice that we are in the process of fixing our requirements. New requirements will be in place when Guild Wars start, and will approximately be 300kG/1000S/120-150T.


Thanks nemesis… yes, put me in line, and keep me in mind :slight_smile: . Definitely let me know if an opening comes up soon.
Thanks again. Invite: Huxley_1


Hi Warmskin,

We have an open spot now. If you are still interested in joining our guild, please leave your current one. Thanks.


Thanks very much Nemesis, for you response. But in the interim I joined another guild and for now I’m happy. If this changes in the future I will definitely let you know, as I’m keeping track of responses. I wish you all the best and good luck to you and your guild. Thanks again.


One spot available.



I´d be interested and can meet your current requirements. Do you already have any idea how your requirements will change next week ?


We might make one or two levels of sentinels required (still debating it on our guild chat). We will also make fighting in the guild war a requirement.


Okay, that should be no Problem :slight_smile:

Edit: Inv code is vinard. Just tell me when i should leave my current guild.


You can leave you guild.


Okay, will do when i am at home. 3-4h


Ready for invite :+1:


Two spots open.