[OPEN: 1] In Virtue is recruiting | Rank #39 | 500kG/100T 1000S (Mythic weeks) | GW optional


And up :slight_smile: great guild :+1:


inv me please lvl 600


Invite sent.

One spot open.


sry dude.alrdy joined another g


Well, I’m crying now.

Two spots open.


If you guys are active with Guild Wars, I’d like to join. I am surprised how dead my guild is when it comes to Guild Wars. (I plan to drop the guild shortly after I post this).



Hi Kary, I also am in in virtue and we are looking for members that are interested in playing in GW. Lost a couple players because they didn’t want to play GW. Have two spots open and if you play GW plus met the weekly requirements posted we can send you an invite as soon as you quit your old guild


Two spots available.


And up :slight_smile: !!!


Three spots available.


Hello, i’m lvl 480 and your guild sounds like a good fit. Invite code : Tysob Jones


Hello Tysob Jones,

Invite Sent :slight_smile:


That’s odd, i clicked accept and it took me to the generic guild finder menu instead and closed the invite. Sorry, i don’t know what happened, perhaps we could try again?

-Edit- Another guild invited me and it seemed to work, I don’t know why your guild name didn’t pop up when i did it before…sorry for any inconvenience



It says you are in another guild (not sure which one), quit the one you might be in, and we will try again. :wink:


Open: 1. ***