*1 SPOT OPEN* (Rank #13) Heroes United - The Casual Guild that Could. COME AND JOIN THE PARTY


Rank 18 guild with OVER 50 (AND CLIMBING!) Mastery Bonuses on all colors.

Friendly members and relaxed rules make us a perfect fit for someone who likes to play frequently but without the pressure and accompanying anxiety of trying to maintain the lofty expectations of hardcore guilds.

While I give freely, love passionately, and match obsessively, I feel the need to mention that relaxed rules does not mean relaxed enforcement. We are a top 20 guild for a reason, and openings are scarce. Donate generously with the rest of us and you will receive an unending golden shower worth far more than you spend. Hoard your gold for yourself and reap the reward of a swift boot in the ass.

There is no hard and fast minimum gold or trophy requirements, only donations commensurate with your progress in the game. I obviously don’t expect all of a player’s profits to get dumped into tasks; we want you (and your kingdom levels) to grow alongside the guild, but you must be active. Players with 7+ days of inactivity or those who aren’t playing enough to regularly hit rank 1 each week will be pruned out of respect to the dedicated players who have gotten us to where we are.

Just post your invite code and I or Pew will see to it that you receive a timely reply and a warm welcome. 2 spots are currently open.


We also have a guild chat thread that will probably go entirely unused but might prove useful in the future.

Looking for an active guild!

Hi ya :smiley:

Would like to join to be with other active players!

Level 112 ish, generally hit 50 trophies and 15k gold per week …

No current guild, invite code: 7ekn00 (that’s a seven and two zeros on the end) :stuck_out_tongue:



Hello! The invitation has been sent!! Future welcome to the guild :smiley: Woo woooo !


My ID:Jackywangq,thx a lot!


Hello ! The invitation has been sent as of a minute ago! Welcome to the guild :slight_smile: Happy matching!!


I will resend the invite later as well, but you have to leave your guild first Jackywangq. We can’t invite when the person is still in a guild. Thanks!


Now I’m a free man,you can invite me again,thanks!


Invited! !!!


Wooo wooo! As Tard Carnival said, the invite has been sent! Future welcome to the guild!!


I’m in! :sunglasses:


Hello people!! We are still looking to fill the guild up with a few more members!! Post your invite code below and we shall invite away!

Also, feel free to leave a short story or comment about how woodchucks may or may not rule the universe one day wielding laser beams.


I am relatively new to the game but active daily and growing my resources. Heroes United sounds like a fun. relaxed but active crew. My code is: ACTREAL

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck was wielding a laser? Universe ruling quantities of wood! Once woodchucks begin to wield their symbiotic chucking lasers, no force in the universe would stop their dominion.

Where do you find information on Gems of War? (Poll)

I would like to join the guild. lvl 68 can donate about 15K + weekly. And i’m active allmost every day

Invitecode = KRUL


Hello Actreal and Krul! Love to hear that you are both active because that is exactly what we are looking for! Your invites have been sent! :slight_smile: Future welcome to the guild!!

Actreal - I completely agree… woodchucks + laser = unstoppable. That should be some sort of mathematical theorem or something of the sort. Plus… all of the wood that would be created would probably crush the earth in to smithereens. Makes perfect sense.


Thanks for the invite Pew! My first few hours as a Hero United have been fruitful and fun.

Indeed, the timber singularity is clearly the belasered woodchucks’ ultimate weapon.


@pew @Tard_Carnival

Hello! I’m interested to join – recently left my randomly-joined guild because I was one of only three contributing toward tasks out of 16.

I’m level 33, active every day, happy to contribute toward tasks every day. Invite code is MATTLISTENER, not currently guilded.


Awesome! Glad to hear that Actreal! :smiley:

Hello MattListener! The invitation has been sent! Future welcome to the guild of awesome! :smiley:


Hellloo people!

We have a few more spots open that we are looking to fill! Post your invite code and possibly offer up some candy to make the deal more sweet and you shall be invited! Hardcore and casuals equally welcome, just contribute and play!


Hey Pew,
I’ve somehow casually got to level 77 but have never been in a GoW guild before. Heroes United sounds like a place to learn more about what goes on and maybe get a few tips / ideas.
Invite code is BENDER_5
:candy: :candy: :candy:


Better late than never :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the invite! It’s great to be in such a fun, active guild :smiley:

Grab the spots while ya can, it’s an awesome guild to be in (shameless plug, I know) :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :sunny: