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Where do you find information on Gems of War? (Poll)

If it also helps, i only discovered the game because of it’s art. (Faunessa was used in a fan-made Satyr token for Magic the Gathering, with a reference for Gems of War.)

It may sound obvious, but any investiment made to publish animations/videos about the game in every social media would certainly have positive results. The art in the game is very eye-catching and with some talented direction some short videos would certainly be very well received.


Oh, if only the community I’d found been able to exist on until the end of time. :sob:

Forever #Olympian.


I first looked for just general info on google when i first started playing (started on android Nov 2015). Then searched for info about guilds and such. I use discord now a whole lot more for everything GOW. I even found link to ur poll there. Wish there was a quicker way to report trolls from global especially on weekends.


Thanks Junette! Were you Googling a specific question or looking for some information? Or rather, trying to find a specific community/website to find that information?

@Razzagor Where did you first see the art?

On a MTG fanpage in Facebook, but it was sheer luck that someone actually bothered to reference GoW as the soruce for the art.

I think it was “Find a decent guild” which I did on these very forums, almost 3 years ago…

Heroes United FTW! :smiley:


I discovered GoW by looking for Dryad pictures on google images and saw the one of GoW’s Dryad and was curious to see why she’s blindfolded. Alas, I never found the answer to that.

The very first time I checked something was to find out about how to gain treasure maps. I found the answer on the outdated wiki. The second time, I needed to know what was up with the enemy refresh after becoming VIP and posted on the forum for the first time.

Then I didn’t check the forum for some weeks until the UI change happened. When that hit, I was on the forum a lot to complain and because the game I used to play 12 hours a day was suddenly unplayable for me, so I had nothing better to do…lol.


I found Gems of War in the Google Play store and started on my phone. Then wanted to know how to play the game better or more properly, and found the forum and the pc version. Hardly ever play on my phone anymore. :smile:


I first looked for ideas on what teams to make with the troops I had. Until you start memorizing their abilities and traits it’s hard knowing how what you have works together

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I was looking for puzzle quest and found gow


Asking us where we find information and what we were doing the very first time we searched GoW are very different things.

For instance, right now I get a decent chunk of info out of my guild’s chat.

At the time, I thiiiink I was just looking for the forum. It was years ago.


^This man gets it.^

On the other hand, sources of information have changed so much since you and I started playing that we are basically noise in the poll Cyrup posted.

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After a couple of weeks of playing I still had no idea how to fill my troops up so I had to google it.

I highly suggest you have show spell/mana details on by default for new people I was so confused without it I almost stopped playing.

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That’s a good point - Thank you!

@Grundulum In that case, perhaps I could frame the question to you as what type of information or help were you seeking when you first searched for help in Gems of War?

I actually had a GM who was like GOWpedia. He could explain everything and almost knew everything. So when anyone had a question, we simply would ask him. However, now if I have a question I ask on discord GoWCommunity. The forums I read for spoilers, news, or something like that with the bitter pill that I have to use it for bug reports too. I took an instant liking to discord, the forum not so much…

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The very first time I found forum for example was because I need to recruit 25 players for my guild.

Later I check more, first for personal issues later just all :sweat_smile:
And I found less or nothing information in my own language so I try to help a little here with some things.

I don’t have or like twitter or facebook, and it takes time to me to join discord.

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There is also a Gems of War Community Facebook page that many can join and have already joined for game related info and questions.

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A long long time ago… my account was deactivated. And it was really big problem for me! So i met support :roll_eyes:

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Blizzard’s Diablo 3 website has a very useful resource they call the Game Guide. While it’s missing as much as it contains, the items guide is particularly good. Might give you some ideas.

I also crave silly reference information, such as the number of souls to upgrade to a certain level, etc.

The first thing I looked for was what the resources were and how best to get them and to spend them. Still don’t have complete answers. I’d been playing for a month before I learned I could spend sigils!

Also, I’m still not sure what the Magic skill does. :slight_smile:

I bought a newly released glory troop called astral spirit. It was awesome. Then the next week, it suddenly was nowhere near as powerful. I saw there was a refund button, but wanted to know more. So I searched Google and found this forum, along with the post explaining the nerf.

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