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Looking for an active guild!

I really need to join an active guild! I just started the game but I am hooked and around lvl 24 right now. My invite code is MAVADO. Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions.

I tried and it said that name dont exist

You can join us in the Mean Machine
We are currently ranked 1159, and we climb 50-100 ranks daily. We have 22 members, and longest inactivity is less then 24 hours. So each of us play every day.
If you are interested you can either join manually or I’ll invite you, but I can’t invite you while you are in another guild.

Sorry, didn’t know you couldn’t invite while I was in one! I will look for Mean Machine! Sounds great!

Yeah, send an Invite now, I left my scrub guild!

Sent :smile:

I am also looking for an active guild! Invite code MPAX

Invite sent! You can check out our guild recruitment post here *1 SPOT OPEN* (Rank #13) Heroes United - The Casual Guild that Could. COME AND JOIN THE PARTY

Sent you mate. We are ranked 776 and climbing, and have 27/30 members.