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Zero attack value negates bonuses

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android latest

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
TINA team with TINA armor cranked to over 600. Tina attack got zapped to zero. From then on, all TINA skull attacks did no damage. Yes, TINA was in slot 1.

Even if attack is zero, my bonuses from electro plating should have been at least 300.

Seems like a bug to me.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
would really prefer it not happen again :disappointed:

Steps to make it happen again

I agree that it’s weird that the damage boost from Electrified Plating (and Razor Armor or Spiked Armor) is fully applied at 1 Attack, and then non-existent at 0 Attack, particularly in the case of having your Attack stat lowered rather than being Entangled (although effectively the same thing).

There was another topic that discussed this a while ago, which seemed to come to a begrudging resolution that the behaviour is consistent enough with the wording (“Add X% of Armor to Skull damage”), since if no Skull damage is done, no Armor is added.

If we remove the qualitative judgement of “no Skull damage” (or “Skull damage didn’t happen”) from the number 0, and treat it simply as a number that’s part of a formula (as in, "Skull damage did happen, and it was equal to 0), then it should reasonably be able to be argued that Skull damage will be equal to 0 + X% of Armor.

I’m not sure if having the stat lowered via Wild Queen or similar (Elemaugrim, Sylvasi, any other Attack reducer) compared to being Entangled makes a difference, but here’s that previous thread:

As you may be able to see from the threads there were a few disagreements over interpretations of the text.


Only thing sure. If you match a doomskull or 4+ skulls, your bonus from electro plating will be applied as you get guaranted +5 damage from doomskull and/or +1/+2 damage from match4/match5.

But that’s not written anywhere in the game. It’s from observation, how it works.

Thinking about this some more, that would probably also have to affect traits that apply status effects on Skull damage, which might not be so great. E.g. Forest Troll, when Entangled and matching 3 Skulls, does not trigger Tangle, as no Skull damage is deemed to have occurred; and that’s probably a good thing (and was complained about originally and changed accordingly).

Still feels a bit weird in this case, though (full bonus to 0).

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