(Not a Bug) Sentinel class talent not working properly

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Windows 8, pc, steam

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Sentinel class talent, add 20% of armor to skull damage. Character was entagled which made attack zero, however, based on how it is written, 20% of armor value should still be available, yet it did zero damage. Happening every time in tower currently, haven’t used it anywhere else yet.

Was this a once-off bug or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen after doing a particular game mode?
Don’t know yet, haven’t tested it further

Steps to make it happen again
Open and play apparently.

1.20 × 0 is still 0

Not a bug.

This word “add” means to add it to the damage not to include it.
I can see the confusion. (1 x 0 = 0) + 20% armor = final damage output.

It’s been long-standing that Entangled really fixes your Attack at 0. If you gain any attack while Entangled, it has no effect. Even after you lose Entangled, you don’t get that attack. So there’s some argument that “traits that augment damage might not have an effect”, but…

What happens if you’re Entangled and match Doomskulls? Do you get the +5?

If that’s the case, I feel like this trait’s behaving badly. Really the argument comes down to if we think the armor value is added to attack or damage.

In my opinion, the trait says damage, so it should be done. Troops with that trait ought to be slightly resistant to Entangled. If that’s not the intent, the trait needs to be written so it says what it does.


Yes, you get the +5 damage.

What the hell are you trying to convey here, what you added makes zero sense. It says add to damage, not add to attack.

Yeah this is the basis of my argument. To me “damage” is your attack plus any bonuses. If the ability said “add to attack” I’d say that based on how entangled works in other scenarios it should be 0. But it says “add to damage”. (.2*armor) + 0 is (.2*armor).

I’ll convey it simpler then. . English grammar is not the developer’s strong point, and it’s even worse in other languages. Working as intended


I generally think Doomskulls behave weirdly/inconsistently, regardless - e.g., using a ‘Slayer’ type troop such as Gob-Chomper or a Siegebreaker multiplies the added Doomskull damage, does it not (could definitely be mistaken)?

Apparently not simple enough. See, simple is using the proper word. What makes you believe that it is working as intended when it is basing it on attack and not damage as stated. This is not a grammatical problem, it’s a mistake either in wording or execution.

The problem is they use the Russian translator to write the English text, the English translator to write the French text, and the Aussie translators do the French text. Lining these three groups up with the right language is the hardest problem in computer science. That’s why Scepter of Anu means “any color except blue” when it really means “any non-blue color”, it turns out Australia has no word for blue. If their computer has a blue screen of death, they get confused and think their monitor disappeared.


You need to mark your text with extreme sarcasm, some on here won’t get what you are doing there. You made me LOL for real though…:slight_smile:

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This is how Razor Armor goes when entangled or having 0 attack otherwise:

  • 3-skulls (no doomskulls) - not activated;
  • 3-skulls (with doomskulls) - activated;
  • 4-skulls or more (any kind) - activated.

And you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get that 3-skulls with a doomskull! Either no doomskulls on the board or skull extra turns, or Entagle wore off, or they destroyed my armor…


Hey this is working as intended :slight_smile:

It may be working as intended, it’s not working as written. Fix the text if you’re not going to fix the talent.

Yeah can we add "it should say attack instead of damage" to the list of things that occasionally get updated for clarity?

I’d like it to work the other way, but there’s nothing invalid about how it behaves now so meh.

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Actually, using the dictionary definition, it does behave invalidly, because it does not behave by the method described in the text.

It’s great when things aren’t classed as a bug because we are to lazy to fix them properly.

It says add 20% to skull damage. If you deal no skull damage then there is nothing to add because you dealt no skull damage. If you are entangled and match 4 skulls then you actually deal damage and the 20% is then added. Same with having a doomskull in a skull match.

Please learn to read, it says add 20% of Armor to skull damage. If armor is 100 and skull damage is zero it would be (.2*100)=20 for the Armor, Then 0 + 20 based on the text of the talent.