(Not a Bug) Sentinel class talent not working properly


I read fine. If you dont deal skull damage then why would it add 20% to SKULL DAMAGE.


I also loved the way you started off saying “learn to read”. Its like arguing with an immature child. Correct me if I am wrong.


“Learn to read” is a very hostile way to disagree with someone. Learn to “decent human”.

There are two logical ways to interpret the skill. Both of you are arguing in favor of one of them. However, the devs have chosen the “If you do 0 skull damage this adds 20% of 0 to it” implementation. They don’t think they’re wrong.

I don’t think it’s completely counterproductive to argue you want the other way, but neither way is wrong, and certainly not wrong enough to justify being hostile.

If you want to continue your quest to promote literacy, go give Scepter of Anu a read and explain to me, the illiterate fool, why it does not allow you to select blue gems. It turns out the most obvious way to read text in GoW is not always the intended function. We deal with it, and make fun of the devs for it, but ultimately sticking around and playing the game requires putting up with it.


Because it states toadd 20% of the armor.


… of bug reports, if they never result


Of note, in the reddit Q&A that went sort of unnoticed, it was stated they are going over all the game text and addressing things like this. My guess is they’re doing it in chunks, so we won’t see one big update that fixes everything but instead each update will get better.

I don’t agree it is plainly written. Part of my job is sniffing out ambiguity. But it doesn’t really matter if we agree on that.