Zapan's logbook



When i’m starting to imply myself in a game, and when there’s a nice forum, I usually write a “diary”, or a logbook, to follow my progression. It helps me to write down my questioning, get things straight on the strategy and so on. You can read it or skip it, help me or not, give me advice … Please, just don’t troll me :smiley:

So I’m zapan, {Insert uninteresting aspects of my life IRL here}. I’m french, so I play in french. Please forgive me for name translation, and in general for my low level in english.

Thanks to Sega closing the Puzzle&Glory servers in 3 weeks, I’ve been playing GoW since exactly 8 days. First, the slow pace gameplay was quite repulsive. But, as a former PQ player, I give it a good try. A really good try. I’m now addicted :smile:

For now, and for the 1st record of my diary, here are my stats :

  • Level 42, no class
  • In a level 53 guild (called Death Blossom, if you are looking for a peaceful & active guild, feel free to apply, you won’t regret :wink: )
  • Masteries (all compiled) : 39 blue / 35 red / 33 Brown / 41 Green / 42 purple / 35 Yellow
  • Ressources : 184 gems, 553 glory points, 2234 souls
  • 18 kingdoms, all level 3 (0 power) except Adana, Broken Spear and Zhul’Kari that are level 5. Khaziel is my main.
  • Normal Quest : Broken Spear, Zhul’Kari, Adana completed. Currently doing Whitehelm.

  • Class quest : none

  • Challenges : not significative

  • Cash investment : the 2 beginner packs, so around 30 €. Not willing to cash more for the moment.

The main part are the cards. I’m not used in the management of so much units. I mean in few days I got a lot of cards and I can’t remember all :smiley: (and I don’t know on PC, but on a phone the card list display is horrible :open_mouth: ) So I decided to compile all of them in a spreadsheet. For now, my deck is composed of 10 Epics, 18 UltraRares, 36 Rares and 24 commons. No legendary :frowning:

I made a copy of my sheet on a Google Sheet. There’s only values (no formula), and not modifiable (except the standings), but you can access it here :

>>> My Roster <<<<

(translation not 100% complete)

My main character is Tau (my first Epic summon too). After some research (here for example), people was saying he was quite bad. But I understand that there was an “old” Tau and he had been changed. He’s still not a gold card, but I love him. He’s my main damage dealer. I try to make him kill the opponent (using other cards to lower opponent under 7), his gain of +4 on all stats make him a tank and a DD really fast. I place him second, beside my hero, to avoid him been killed fast, before he killed someone.

I leveled a Goblin too. No need to explain :smiley: I got 5, so with the next one I can ascend him. My only card with 1 trait too.

With advice here, I bought Venbarak and leveled it 16.

Last regular ‘card’ is the Hero. Bad skill, but his shield and life stats helps at the begining, placed at the first spot.

In my sheet, you’ll find the 4 team I usually used, in different situations.

I’m exploring different teams, when I have time. Now that my sheet is completed, it will be easier for me. But with level 1 units, it’s quite hard to define the potential of a combinaison. And the low amount of souls prevents from upping useless units :confused:

I am totally open to suggestions, that’s one of he goal of this topic.

My questioning (here, you can really help me on other aspect than team making :smiley: )

  1. The use of gem : I don’t know if it worse use them to summon. I spend 50 like this, to get not-so-usefull card. I know it’s RNG, I don’t complain to not have a legendary each summon :stuck_out_tongue: But I was wondering if a suit (armor ? the thing that give + exp, +soul and/or +gold) would not be a better investment. But if I don’t summon, I won’t have good units too … Hard choice.

  2. Kingdom management : My plan is to have all the kingdoms, then level them all at 3, then all at 5, and then at 10 one by one. Good or bad idea ?

  3. PvP : my first week of PvP was nice. I’ve reach #1 in 5 days, taking my time and fighting opponent of my level. Next week started and I wanted to rush. I’ve made 15 > 5 or 6 the first 24h, fighting same level. Now I’m stuck :expressionless: The game only proposes me players who are level 70 > 90, with big teams. I loose 2 to win 1, so I don’t progress. Is there a particular MMR ? (matchmaking by rank)

  4. I don’t “trait” card (except Goblin) for the moment, because I’m scared to lack of ingredient in the future. Normal ? Is there essentials cards I have that could be ‘traited’ ?

  5. I fight with no bonus, because when I make a team with bonuses, it imply I use ‘bad’ cards. So I use my Hero. I know bonuses are really important, but is it normal, with my distribution of card, that I prefer take hero than bonus ?

  6. Are there any thing I need to concentrate firstly ? I mainly do PvP until #1, quests, then Treasure Maps for gold, and then gold/treasure map farm. I do quite no challenge for now (only for treasure map farming, since former quest are easy)

Hmmmm, It should be enough for now :smiley:

Now, I’m closing the first post of my diary, hoping it will last long and count many pages. Thanks to the ones that found the time (and motivation) to read all. Big thanks to the ones who will take time to help me and advice me. Fell free to comment :wink:

Have fun !


Well I read it all and my first comment would be your english is far better than my french.

I did not look at your cards as I plan to give you some early game general advice that you may follow or not as is your choice.

On gems I would recommend not spending them and saving for Dragom Armor at 500. This will greatly improve your gold returns and you will need it for city building. After that you could either save for Celestial or trade the gems for chests, I would get the second armor to boost souls.

On cities I did the same as you and got them all to 5 before pushing each one seperately to 10. It is a grind but only the beginning :slight_smile:

By completing the quests you will up your epic card count and there are guides about their usefulness which should give you some direction in which to aim.

Others are better than me at deck suggestions but when I have more time I will take a look at your sheet and see if anything jumps out to me, as even with non-legends you can still build a solid team that flows well.

Kindest regards,


  1. Save up you gems to buy a dragon armor (for gold related activities) and a celestial armor (for souls related - activities), they will help you a lot more than keys in the long run.

  2. When raising kingdom levels to 10, check the bonus stat the kingdom provides, pick magic and attack first.

  3. Consider building a Goblin team (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Goblin Shaman, Boar Rider) for attacking, they’ll beat most teams if played correctly. Just don’t set them up for defense, next to nobody likes fighting Goblin teams.

  4. Don’t worry about spending minor or major trait stones, you’ll get loads of them while playing. Sometimes you’ll even want to pick bad traits to raise your kingdom power level to the next star, traits are worth 25 points.

  5. Get your hero a class, level it up to 20. Roughly doubles your hero stats. The Warlord class is easy to obtain, you just need to quest through Broken Spire.

  6. Arena, for souls, to level up your core team to max.


Hi Zapan,

Fun idea you have here with your logbook.
At the start it can be a bit much to all take in there are a lot of things that influence your game.

not much to add to these replies but a few things :

1 If you are not planning to buy the deathknight pack (deathknight armor comes with it) from the store, than get the Dragon armor first. After this i would say get some cards first before you get a Celestial armor.
You will need to make a lot of gold when you are starting to play this game so having a boost in that area realy helps.

2 Do not level them all at once , the bonus gets added when you hit lvl 10 with a kingdom. So first the kingdoms with magic to 10, than the kingdoms with attack followed by health and armor (in some cases armor over health but thats a bit to complex for this “short” reply

3 I think (feel free to correct if someone knows better) that there is no mmr (yet ? ) in place. usaly when starting from rank 15 you get “easier” fights and the closer to lvl 1 (and all the fights after) will get harder

4 totally agree with Fourdottwoone

5 You should play with the teams you like its a game afterall. i never use cards i do not like or classify as “bad” . But yes bonuses are really important and you will have a major advantage if you have a team that has them so always keep looking for that option

6 Concentrate on what you like in the game. deffo go for that nr 1 pvp spot each week as early as possible (you get more glory if your higher ranked daily) And the challenges reward you with nice cards wich you can use to come up with that one epic team. Arena is a nice option to get some rewards and check out cards you have not seen before.

Do you have the weapon Prismatic Orb already ? (if i am correct it unlocks when you get your mastery’s all to lvl 25 )
Its not the best weapon in the game but you dont have a lot to choose from at the moment yet.

Reason i ask, when i was looking at your cards i rememberd a team wich i used before i got my " better" cards and i had decent succes with that.

Sacred Guardian
Prismatic orb

This is not perfect ofcourse but might be fun to play with the pala has a boost ratio of 1 to 1 (1 more armor is 1 more point of damage) so you can basicly deal huge amount of damage :smiley:
And you get a nice Whitehelm bonus for the 3 cards from Whitehelm you have.

Anyways i wish you lots of fun hope you will find a team that you like to play with



Thank you :slight_smile:

So let’s keep gems for a nice costume :smiley:

For the cities, i follow what I was planning. Since yesterday, I own the whole map :sunglasses: (well, at least at level 3). From level 5, it starts to cost much more :confused:

For the PvP, thanks to @Fourdottwoone I hit first rank with the Goblin team, without loosing. So OP I won’t use this team, unless I’m stuck :wink: . By doing my sheet, I have a better vision of the skills, of the type and kingdom of troops. I’ll try to make some teams.

I have unlock 2 classes : Warlord & Priest. I pick the first but I didn’t spend soul on it for the moment.

@Nitrius : for the weapon, I have only access to rare ones. The Masteries I’ve wrote are counting guild ones. My max, without, is maybe 15.

I get 3 Epic in one day, yesterday : Saphhira by completing quest line, and Atlanta & Finley with glory summons. The 2 lasts doesn’t seem to be powerful, but it’s still more Epics in my collection :smiley:

6 more rares : 2 summons (Dark Master and Poison Master) & 4 Ascended (Peasant, Pride Hunter, Tauros & Goblin :thumbsup:). I was thinking about doing a troll team with Dark master + Summoner, for defensive PvP. But they play the same colors :thunder_cloud_rain:

Currently doing Zaejin quest line because … i don’t know, I randomly pick one :smiley:

Thanks again for your advice !

(Sheet updated. For my record : 13E, 18UR, 42R, 20C // Next update : not planned :stuck_out_tongue: )


Most of the important starting points have already been made, so I’ll offer you some tips for the future.

First, never cheap yourself due to impatience. Don’t waste 10 gems on 1 chest, only ever buy 50 chest packs for the best value. (After you’ve got your armor, of course.)

Second, the moment you get Valkyrie, fit her into your primary team, regardless of level.

Third, if you find yourself losing often at any point (lvl 50 for example, that’s when campaign traits unlock), try fitting Emperina into your team. She’s a literal life saver and works amazingly well early on.

Fourth of all, traits should be focused on troops you like and plan to continue using early on (if they’re good traits, of course). Don’t worry about star levels until you’ve maxed your kingdoms.
Also, an interesting fact: 6 troops of the same kingdom all at level 5 will earn you the Silver Star.

Finally, if you’re in need of Souls for the moment, Arena will become your best friend for the small entry free of 1,000 gold. This will also teach you a lot about team building, so it’s a valuable investment.

Now some info for when you’re ready to level your kingdoms to 10:
:crystal_ball: +1 Magic Kingdoms: Blighted, DarkStone, Karakoth, Zhul’Kari
:dagger: +1 Attack Kingdoms: Prideland, Thorns, Wildplain
:heart: +1 Heart Kingdoms: Broken S., Divinion, Ghulvania, Khaziel, Maugrim, Pan, Stormheim, Zaejin
:shield: +1 Armor Kingdoms: Adana, Drifting, Khetar, Mist, Swordedge, Whitehelm

If you have any more questions, the forum will always be ready to offer you the answer.
Keep matching on!