Let's introduce ourselves ! ^_^

Hi everyone !

I’m Yul’Dwin, French 31-year-old player.
I started to play GoW few months ago (between 3 or 4 month I think) but I discovered recently the GoW website and (old version) forum. So I consider myself as a newbee in the community and want to know you all much better.

So : I’m actually level 142, have 113 different troops (including 7 legendaries) and my actual home kingdom is Zul’Kari.
I’m in a quite little guild “Lesmumbleleurs” created by IRL friends, actually in Diamond III (rank 574). We only recruit people we know IRL, but it might change in the future (waiting for the decision of the master).
I play every day, usually do PvP and Arena. I didn’t start yet Grosh-Nak quest and challenges, because I save it to test some new teams with the last legendaries I won (and I have actually no idea how to build those ones).

Well… That’s all I can tell about myself, Folks !
Let me know if you have questions !
Can’t wait to read you here !



Nice Idea YulDwin. :wink:

Hello everyone. My Name is Micki. I’m a 25 year old Red Fox from Germany.
I started the Game from the very beginning, and play it every day. My Steam says i played the game for more then 1480 hours. :smiley:
My Hero is level 544, i have all troops (most of them on level 15 and at least epic) and my home kingdom is Broken Spire. I have all Quest and Challenges complete.
I’m the Leader of the Top-Guild „INFERNO“ currently #8 in the League. My Guild has a level requirement of 100 for new Members, but no daily Trophy requirement.

I work for the Gems of War Team as a translator and i do my best to help them to improve the game.

So… that’s all from me. If someone has any questions, then just ask me. :stuck_out_tongue:



Seems fair, I was wondering where the introduction thread was when I joined, and then I gave up out of sheer laziness. :sweat_smile:

So my name is Archenassa (Or Arca for those who want to shorten everything ^^), and I’m French too! :slight_smile:
Actually, I’m also in a guild that is only composed of IRL members, so there’s that. :smile: Although our already small guild is starting to dwindle, since we’re only two really active players, so I am starting to question that decision.
I’ve started playing GoW since the Steam release and I managed to convince other people to follow me because why not? I’m level 455 currently but I’ll be honest, I’ve been spending more time on these forums than on the actual game these past few days. ^^
The other games I’m usually playing a ton (we had a lot a connection issues lately so I haven’t really gotten back to them) are DotA 2, Civilization 5 and Diablo 3. I also love mini-games more than I should (basically any Big Fish / Gamehouse game, I eat them up like chocolates). And even if I’m not really into card games that much, I love helping my man with his Hearthstone Arena drafts, because that’s, well, basically the only thing I enjoy in this game. :stuck_out_tongue: Although I’ve started playing SolForge lately and I’m quite enjoying it, so I’ll see if they manage to convert me to the obscure side of CCG!

I guess I’ve talked enough for now! Let us all enjoy GoW! :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m in.

My name is Marcel and I am Dutch, currently living in Germany with my German wife. My game alias goes way back to when I played Second Life and I have used it ever since in online games.

I am not only a veteran GoW-player, but I also played its predecessor Puzzle Quest 2. Started GoW as soon as it appeared for the iPad, must have been around december last year.

As of this writing I am level 215, got all 18 kingdoms of which 8 to level 10. I have 132 troops and only missing 5 troops: Tankbot 2000, Carnex, Crimson Bat, The Silent One and Shadow-Hunter.

My guild is Match Masters, currently the number one guild. It doesn’t look like we will be beaten from there anytime soon, since we have a lead of over 12000 trophies over number two. If anyone is curious about what it means to have a guild that high up: our bonus is around 65-66 at the moment, added to my personal mana masteries, this means I am just at or over 100. And 100 gives you exactly 50 % chance of mana surge, so every second match 3 is a surge! I can assure you my troops’ mana fills up really quick!

Our guild leader is @Serale, who you might well know from this forum. :smile: We also have a level 1000 in our guild, Techn9neee.

Anything else you want to know, just ask!


Hey guys. My name is Sergio Herrera or know as “Serale” on pretty much all the games I’ve played. I’ve 21 years and I born and live in Costa Rica, my first language is spanish, also know a little of english and portuguese.
I stared playing GoW ever since december of 2014. Right now am level 371 and also GM of “Match Masters”, currently top 1 guild. Other games I play are League of Legends (Gold I) and Hearthstone. Also I love the FPS games; for this last week I’ve been hooked up to the beta of BO3. Back in the day I was a huge fan of World of Warcraft and member of a top realm guild, but I dropped the game after the release of the last expansion.
The things I like the most are video games, cooking (Which used to be my job) and watching anime. Theres nothing in particular I don’t like but if I had to name a few it would be childrens, bad music and being with a lot of people. I think that’s all. ^-^


Im not a girl. So just to make things clear.

I am from Poland and i’m 20. I starred playing GoW about 8 months ago, but because of collage i had to make 2 months break. This is my #1 mobile game ever by far (i’m pretty surprised cuz i get easily bored). Im in Light army guild right now (great people btw, very active) Other games i play a lot are Dota 2, Dota 2 and Dota 2. (In about 2 weeks I’m back from vacation so you may invite me on steam so we can play or something). Other game I love is the witcher, warframe, carrier command and some other.
I am a HUGE fan of Two Steps From Hell.
So… yeah… that would be all about me :slight_smile:


My name is Denise, playing as River Song. I’m 59 and from the USA. I started playing about 2 months ago & just hit level 296. I’m the Guild Master of “Who is It”, currently ranking in the 320’s and steadily climbing. We don’t have any requirements for guild membership other than being an active player, so if you’re interested in joining us, feel free!

I’ve really been enjoying this game and play every day. Still missing a few of the legendary troops, but am working on acquiring them. Archenassa, I’m a fan of Big Fish Games as well. I also like JRPGs, such as Final Fantasy and the Persona series.

See you in the trenches!


Hi there from Italy!
My name is Riccardo. I’m playing since last december, and I’m a former player of puzzle quest, so when I discovered Gems of War, it was love at first sight. :heart_eyes:

I work in my B&B and I can play a lot, while waiting in the reception, but unfortunatly none of my clients has ever regognized this game soundtrack :sweat_smile: (If any of you brothers in arms will come to Italy one day, let me know for a good discount! :wink: :grin:)


Hiya Y’all! My name is Jamie, I’m 27 and from the USA. I have been playing Gow for only two months or so. Just hit level 90 yesterday :joy::joy::joy:

This game is absolutely one of my favorites! I also enjoy playing BigFish casino slots and Chef Town! When I’m not playing games I enjoy scenic drives with my daughter and fiance.

Something interesting about me is I have 12 brothers and sisters. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Hi fellow players,

I’m a dutch man born in 1972, so that makes me 43 at the time of writing this.
I started GOW somewhere in february when i was looking for a fun game that i could play with a trackball. I used to play games with a mouse or controller (on PS3), but last november i got a decease that made it impoosseble for me to use my hands and feet properly (polyneuropathie). It will take an other 1,5 years until a can use my hands and feel again like i used to.
I started playing videogames when i was 15 on MSX 2. My favorite kind of games are (mmo)rpg, and when playing a MMO i prefer to play 100% RP. I also like to play warcraft (1,2,3) and starcraft (1/2). I even have 2 old pc’s standing in my computerroom to be able to play the old pc-games.:smiley:
Besides playing games i am interested in music: heavy metal, electronic music (NO EDM please, but proper electronic music like techno, goatrance/ psytrance, deephouse and more), opera/ classical music, blues and more. I love to have animals around me, at the moment i have 3 cats and 2 snakes. I used to have more snakes, but i sold some when i got ill.


Hi to all veterans out there,

I’m a Turkish born in 1996. I live in Turkey’s a nice little city, Rize.(I’ve laughed so much when i saw Adana in GOW because Adana is a city in Turkey also.)
I started GOW 1 year ago but an accident happened and my old account has gone. Now i am lvl 65 and Rank 2 member of Crimson guild. I’ve also played Puzzle Quest 1&2 and they were awesome too.


Hi All!!! This is a really amazingly cool idea!! :blush: So, who am I? I ask myself that question everyday…lol. I am who I am? :stuck_out_tongue: My given name is Cassandra, though my pals and partners in crime call me Cass. In my professional life atm, I am a high school English teacher working with at risk students in the US of A. I am the also a club advisor at work as well. We are Gaming Fanatics & Future Game Developers of LHS. This year, I have over 50 students in the club and we are working on designing a game! I started playing GoW, I think sometime in March?, because a friend of mine told me the game was amazing fun. I usually trust his judgment because, honestly, he sees games with a unique perspective and games he has recommended, I have usually enjoyed. I am level 114 in the Russians Grizzly Guild and am ranked as a Sentinel. our guild is 301 in the Champion League…to be honest, I don’t know what all of that means and I don’t know if my strategies for winning matches is all to logical, but I am enjoying myself immensely! :stuck_out_tongue: See you all on the field of battle!


Hey guys. My name is Fabrício or THISPARTA in Gems of war. I’ve 22 years and I live in Brazil. My first language is Portuguese, but I can speak in English. I have been playing GoW since 2014. I am level 140 in the game. I don’t have much time to play; however, I play when I can. I play Dota 2 and Diablo III too. I am computer science student and I like to implement and, mainly, play any type of game :sweat_smile:


Hello Everyone! My name is Nimhain, and I’m one of the devs for GoW. My hero is also called Nimhain and is currently level 181. So keep and eye out and you may just beat my team (which almost everyone does :laughing:).


Ciao dall’Italia!
My name is Alessia and I’m 22, I play every day and I’m at level 109. I’m also joining a guild called “Dark Angels”! If you’re an italian gamer please subscribe my facebook GoW group! See you in the game :smiley: !!!

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I’ve never encounter a dev on battle. :frowning: Stop fleeing from me!


Hi everyone! :raised_hand:t3: I’m Karen, 52 y/o from Florida US! I’m guild master of Bloodbath and beyond! I’m at level 185 and I’ve never battled an all Illusive DEV either!!!
I’ve been trying to build a strong guild by promotions…and…demotions if you don’t play or contribute. While we are moving up in the ranks (698 when I started 3 months ago to now at 192!) we have never earned that many keys in a weeks time!! There are 25 members in my guild. There were 30 but folks who don’t log in or contribute for two weeks or more with out letting the guild know what’s up, get booted. Any ideas on how to get people to contribute more?.
Nice to meet you all!! Hope to see you in the game!

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Hey everyone!

My name is Earnest “Nex” Cavalli, and I work as a community specialist at Pipeworks, developer of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gems of War. I’m here to help facilitate communication between our team and you fans. I look forward to getting to know all of you, and please, if you have comments, questions, or concerns about the console versions of Gems of War, don’t hesitate to let me know.


Prepare your inbox. Lots of console players have questions! I hope you guys have made a FB also!

You might want to post this in a new topic as well. :slight_smile:
The category Lounge can only be seen and read by a limited number of forum regulars. Most of which are on the pc/mobile version besides.