We are the gods of GoW!

It is high time to raise altars and temples to the glory of Anonymous! :smiley:

Incidentally we also have finished levelling our statues this week.

We usually prefer to play rather than to show off. But, on this special occasion, I will make an exception to tell my guildies how proud I am of them and of all that we have achieved together.

After a whole year of constant efforts, we have reached rank 1 on 26 June 2016. We could have been happy with that and have rested on our laurels, but we have decided that we were here to stay.

In 30 weeks at the top, we have:

  • gained a lead of more than 217,000 trophies over the former #1, Match Masters,
  • finished in 1st in terms of trophies half of those 30 weeks
  • won all @actreal’s quarterly leagues (http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/top-50-guild-league-table-history/2648)
  • set up a new record of trophies at 51,489 trophies. During that special week our members have particularly showed how dedicated they all are because, in spite of the time required by our jobs and / our kids, we have had 26 guildies in the leaderboard in the middle of the week and still 22 at the end of the week.

So I would like to say a huge thank you to all those of have made these achievements possible.
Thanks to the devs, @Sirrian and @Nimhain especially , for providing us with that great game we are all addicted too. What do you have in store for our next million? :smiley:

Thanks to @dhjl, the best player of GoW. After @MrSammy, he has been the 2nd player in the world to reach lvl 1000, on 6 August 2015, and his record in ranked PVP is still unequalled.
When he took the lead of Anonymous, in May 2015, there were only 6-7 members left and the guild had dropped to about rank 55. He has had great ambitions for his guild and made us all dream with him and make those dreams come true. Although he quit the game last summer, we are still trying to follow his path as best we can.

Thanks to @Geran (I know, you are going to hate me for naming you publicly :stuck_out_tongue: ) for the 83K trophies made and the 134M of gold given in 1 year and a half of dedication to Anonymous, and for all the help in the management of the guild.

Thanks to our former members for their contribution, especially those who are still with us on our Discord server, whether we hope to see them back some day or they are doing an amazing job building our future rival (http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/birth-of-a-legend-concealed-supremacy-new-guild/17995).

A huge thank you to our current members, for their competitive and friendly spirit and for all the fun. To the veterans who have shared the good and the bad times along the way, for their constant loyalty. And to the more recent recruits for having fitted in so well and bringing us so much. The one thing I don’t miss of the dhjl era is that the guild chat was very silent. Now we can share much more than a common goal across the continents, cultures and languages, and it is an awesome and enriching experience. You guys rock! Best guild ever. :smiley:

And thanks to our friends! :wink:

We are currently full, but our waiting list is always open. Our recruitment thread is here: http://community.gemsofwar.com/t/anonymous-1-guild-on-pc-mobile-is-recruiting-30-30/13092
We may practice some Masonic rituals but we don’t bite! :smiley:


Congratulation for such huge achievement! 1 Million trophy is no joke. Need dedication and hard work to achieve that. Respect!!


Congratulations Anon! :+1:

1 million is incredibly impressive. Kudos to all current and former members.



Congrats! That’s a real achievement.


Kudos Anonymous! 1 Million trophies is a major accomplishment.


Very heartfelt congratulations on an awesome achievement!

Thank you also for providing Intrim and other guilds with the daunting task of chasing you down.

You have set a high standard of competitive achievements that motivates us all to try a little harder.

Great job!


Absolutely phenomenal job!


Mmm Giggity.

Shout out to all the guild members who made this possible, both past and present.

Amazing achievement. Privileged to have been part of the journey.


One history screenshot from times before gods


Wow Nice!

Cool it worked out like that.

Congrats on 1 million trophies. That is a huge achievement


Aelthwyn, this is fantastic! You and all the members of Anonymous deserve my sincere congratulations. You and Geran have done a wonderful job, as have all the other members. I’m so proud of my former guildies!


Congratulations guys, well played.


Congrats to everyone in the guild, nicely done champs.


@Koolbiird It is nice to see you here. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. And good luck for the next i week. :slight_smile:


How much rituals have been done since the guilds birth?! Ha ha.


Too many for us to count. :smiley:

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Congrats to my fellow Anonymous members!
It’s an honor to be part of this amazing guild!

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Pretty ambitious to call yourselves GODS when you are not even DEVS…