You're still banging cash

Immoral on an unprecedented scale. Cash cash cash. Horrific

And you are still here? If you dont enjoy a game, then why join it community?


Ramblings yes. Incoherent? Lol

Where is the mods when we need them more than ever.

@Thevc this game is obviously not healthy for you anymore, you should take a break from it.


I skip any posts by @Thevc too much hostility
Yes every single one including the OP here


hes a good pal, but he changed a lot the latest month or so, I think.

Lol, I’ll let everyone take 1 guess as to who flagged my comment.

As I’ve said before, no one is forcing anyone to play gems. Everyone has a right to their opinion and constructive feedback (whether listened to by the devs or not) is always good to see. But blatant negativity and hatred don’t move the needle and should be called out.


Yes, months ago I used to read but now I just skip.

Yet your flagged comment is up to 7 likes!


Guess it says something when my most like post is a flagged comment :joy:

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Yeah, he just need a break or something from the game I think.


Not my fault you made your purchases. The fact that I can still do everything a paying customer can isn’t my fault. If I bought a $60 game and it sucks, that was my purchase decision and I would own that. If you continue to sink hundreds if not thousands of dollars Into gems that’s not my fault. So don’t blame F2P for not feeling offended by every minuscule move the devs make that offends a paying customer. I made my F2P choice and you made yours. Your money doesn’t buy you complaint points.


The idea that F2P players should somehow kowtow to paying players for whatever reason is silly. This is a F2P game, and everyone who plays a F2P game knows the vast, vast majority of the audience play that game for free, and accepts that.

Yes, if the paying players all quit, the game goes away. Everyone know that, too. Maybe you’re not intending to sound like you’re lording this over the “lowly” F2P players, but that’s how it’s coming across, and it’s not helping anything.

I’m a VIP player too and just don’t understand why someone would talk to another player this way.


Couldn’t have said it better.(I tried and failed in my previous comment lol). My claim of “just quit” still stands whether you are VIP 20 or VIP 0. I think it’s awesome players support the game with a lot of money, but that’s not a requirement and nor is it only way to support the game. I support the game by doing a lot for the players in our network. I promote the game and try to fill in gaps that the devs leave. Many players here do the same and that is just as important to keep an active and engaged player base.

The best way to protest for players in the VIP category would be to quit or to at least stop spending money if they feel they aren’t getting what they paid for. Unfortunately if you look at what many VIPs spend, players can get sense of entitlement and feeling like they are a shareholder. Spoiler, they aren’t.


Of course a business needs income. Even the cheapest F2P player knows that. That isn’t the point.

The point is that you don’t earn the right to talk down to F2P players by being a paying player. Period.


I made a post about “mega-whales” recently that kinda goes along this line. Spoiler: Even a VIP 20 isn’t a mega-whale.

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As the Gambling Commission tells people in this country:

“When the fun stops, STOP!”


when the fun stops, the addiction sets in, and its too late. I have been a gamble addict in the past.

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