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Free to play versus pay to win, a necessary evil... Sometimes

Every so often I see someone or another post some less then kind remarks as to players who are “Pay to Win” whereas they themselves are true Free to Play players who haven’t spent even a dollar on the game. The thing is although some people may binge and overspend that shouldn’t diminish the overall positive effect on the game. Imange poor @Nimhain, @Sirrian, or @Andrew, all possibly with families going into work every day for 6-16 hours and not actually making any money to pay the bills. Would anyone reading this post willingly pass up a paying job for another that doesn’t pay the bills? This Monday I got a gift from the developers, 30 gems because at some point this week the game will be down as they switch to new servers to improve our gaming experience. Call me crazy, but these new and hopfully better servers, I think someone charged them to make and install them. That’s like… Well however much a server cost to make and install. I am greatful to the Gems Of War team for keeping the thing I hate most out of it… Ads, quite honestly I really don’t have the desire to watch The Terminator mobilize a strike team before and/or after every invasion. Cause without people paying real money to actually support a game they do enjoy then without Ads there would have been no way to pimp out them fancy new servers and many other drawback @Nimhain, @Sirrian, and @Andrew, have bits falling off their cars, rents that need to be paid, and a powerful need to eat sometime this month (thumbs up to he who can tell me where that reference is from) I am at VIP level 9, my three best teams though, didn’t cost me a dime, they are
1: Goblin/boarrider/shaman/hobgoblin
2: alchemist/green seer(glory)/
crescendo(glory)/Giant Spidet
3: Jarl (glory key)/rocket/rocket/rocket

These teams I unlocked in a free to play manner and they are all very good. But even if they were unbeatable and perfect I would still buy something every so often, so that the amazing developers behind this game can know that I support them and the effort the put into it, and so they can afford to kick there second jobs so that can hammer out all the amazing details of the wonderful 2.0… Seriously, what’s the machanic’s last trait? I need to know, it’s a medical thing. :wink:

All resources in this game are earnable, even premium Gems via guild taskes and kingdom tribute so all the “Game Supporters” really pay for is less time spent grinding.

In conclusion I respect that some players are true Free to Play players and I respect that it makes the random pulls soooooo much sweeter, but if you are Free to Play don’t cast down the player who do support the game cause if everyone were free to play then if we were unlucky there would be no game, and if we were very unlucky we would keep the game with this:
Feel free to feed into the conversation, we all enjoy the game, can’t we just get along?


I am not a fan of someone getting up in arms for pay2win. If you spent money on this game you have a slight advantage that can easily be over come by a free2play player. The advantage that p2w has is higher leveled troops and more resource gains that are passive. However f2p can get those items with hard work. Getting gems is easy through treasure hunt or guild awards, Glory through maps and pvp, basically every thing is easy to get if you know how. I love the devs so if someone who pays money into this game i can’t really find fault in their decision. This game can be won without money but i would recommend for time sake that money be spent to expedite the process.

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Wibble wobble blurrrr.

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I have played the game in the past months totally for free and been able to do a lot of progress without too much stress, then after paying some bills i’ve decided to show some apreciation for a game that i hope will last for years to come. Currently at Vip 5, after expanding my MTG collection with the new expansions i’ll see for another upgrade.

I know I have gotten FAR more value out of the game than I have spent on it. But I’m a miser, so when it comes to spending money on myself I end up not because “I can get it myself”.

just search a good Guild and you get enough Gems …sry but Gems of War a pay to win game? good Joke

I like to think about it in terms of hours of entertainment vs dollars spent. A movie is like 8/hr. A great video game is like .30 (200 hrs at $60). Now think about your ratio for this game. Even for payers I bet it’s way lower.

And, yes, if the bills don’t get paid then the game shuts down. It’s already a very niche game which means a small team which means longer times between updates.

Magic the gathering i presume?[quote=“Rasper, post:5, topic:6081”]

not the only miser in this game i am sure.

I like the longer update times. it gives me plenty of time to gather all the new cards and find teams that work well whilst planning ahead for future updates. Takes 2 months of prep to be ready for the next update.

You crazy! I want monthly updates with tons of glorious new systems and content!

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I don’t think free-to-play players are putting down “paying” players, but rather trying to correct the misconception that this is a P2W game (or even the concept) but Pay-To-Get-Stuff-Faster.

Personally, I almost always pay when I’ve enjoyed a free game long enough to warrant it, regardless of how p2w it is. And I’ve put an awful lot of time into GoW, which I feel has a pretty fair monetization system, so I don’t mind spending money on it occasionally.

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Same here. I always think “server costs” and that convinces me to spend a little.

The fact that this game has no ads, OR a stupid resource that limits your play time, was the reason I knew straight up that this would be worth my time in the long run. It was and still is.

Exactly the way I see it too :slight_smile:


This is right! And perfectly fair… if you enjoy something, you might as well pay what you think the game’s worth!
Plus the devs have been so good to the community: they listen, resolve our problems, give feedback, etc. I love how closely-knit the whole community is too, like one massive family or something :wink: so of course they deserve our money!

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Okay, what’s that? Should I now feel ashamed because I only spend 10$ or what?

I’m 100% sure it’s not meant this way, but especially @Studs comments make me now feel really bad.

There won’t be a game like this ever again.

Yes, this now the official “shame the freeloaders” thread :grin:

Except on facebook.
Edit: wait i misread your post

Speaking only for myself, I have spent a ton of money on this game and I don’t regret any of it. I made VIP 10 the day it came out because of purchases made before it even existed. What other game would give you credit like that? As stated up post, who else gives you in game credit when there are server/connection issues, which they have done more than once? Most other developers would just say, “Oh, that’s too bad.”

I support this game monetarily because I want it to continue for a long time. I have no beef against F2P players; everyone gets to play their own style at their own rate. But anyone who says this is a P2W game either doesn’t understand the concept or is not willing to play to progress.


I look at every major patch as a new game. So I try to kick something in around every three months.

I used to spend around $100 a month on console games. I’m not sure what my total is, but I’m at VIP 8 after a year of playing.

That is amazing. For those with high vip levels does the game feel different or play different.

No. I’m sure my playing experience is exactly like yours. I get a little more gold, a few more souls and a bit more experience per fight; otherwise it’s exactly the same.

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