[Unsolved forever] You should create a new catagorie for critism


Again this is not in person to you, but to your company:

I started playin this game 3 years ago and I enjoyed it a lot for a long time. Not anymore.

  • You came up with to many unsatisfying decisions over the last two years, that sucked the fun out of the game more and more.

  • You ignored persistently very very good suggestions how to make the game better and more fun/challenging/exciting for players of all stage and age.

  • You made it nearly impossible for newer players to catch up and made several modes harder for them to play more and more, so this can’t be your target group.

  • You made it less fun for late gamers by throwin in the slot machine in to many parts of the game to make the community feeling more and more disappointed to. So this can’t be your target group neither.

  • You are hiding crucial informations from the playbase and once we discover it, you are fixing it in no time. Very suspecious that you can’t fix anything else that’s on your ToDo-list for month/years.

  • You keep refusing to balance your game, your mistakes and even the bugs. Payin out 50 gems or dragonite or whatever the current most value loot is, is not the way to say sorry. It’s the way of bribery. And this bad try of bribery is btw a joke and a slap in the face of any player.

  • You don’t acknowledge your own mistakes in the most cases and in 99% of the time you just ignore them completely.

  • You keep frequently lying to the community by what you did, what you will do and what can/can not be done.

There were many many players who tried to help the community (and mostly you, coz now you don’t had to do it anymore) by developing tools, creating websites, giving free discord servers for everyone and many things more where they gathered informations, help, statistics, teams and many many more. Mostly coz of you were not able to listen and mostly ignored the offerings we gave (to you and the community).
Shoutout to @Taransworld @gary_dils @Hawx @ElDuderino @Fourdottwoone @sls @AMT and probabyl hundrets more which I will add to the list, if they let me know :wink:

Those players and me included tried to give the community that help, you denied to the community. And they are still doing it partially.
You had the opportunity to work together with them, but from what I heard, you are keep ignoring them too. Even your own betas.

Personally I don’t understand why a company is trying so hard to make the game less and less enjoyable to the community, but I doubt to get an answer to that question. Even if you have a BIG PLAN which we shall not know about yet, it’s very dumb, from my perspective, to be that stubborn and continuing the way you are going, won’t help you once you might have achieved your BIG PLAN in some years (unless the BIG PLAN is only to suck out as much money as possible and give a shit on the community, like you did the last two+ years).

And here we are at the point, were I promiss you one thing: You won’t ever get any more money from me. Coz I don’t pay for stuff, thats neither healthy nor fun to me.
Maybe you got some players to pay more for your recent developments, but I assume the most of the playerbase refused/refuses further payment to your company more and more.

Think about what you wanna do and let the community know about your BIG PLAN or you will develope a game for nobody in the future except for yourself.

If you are able to, apoplgize for your bad decisions, for your lies and for your bribery. You don’t need to apologize for your programming, coz obvioulsy you are not able to do it better. maybe you should start to listen to the community (not everything, I know, but half of the stuff posted here, is worth to take a look on).

Maybe if you do so, !MAYBE!, I’ll change my mind and come back in the future, but for the moment, you lost my trust in your company ever coming to a point where you don’t cheat on us in one way or another.

I’d love to see this thread being always in the top 5 unitl the devs changed their behavior or the last player left the (already) sinking ship :wink:


I agree with this sadly. Now being at level 528 I don’t really play that often anymore. I’m also now in a low req guild and can basically do my reqs in just one day. The only times I’m on is reset and trying to do guild events. Even the guild events aren’t fun anymore not even gnome hunting weekends where I don’t even get like 1 or 2 gnomes from grinding pvp and explore for several hours. Also on the faction events just me getting 15k points doesn’t add to the prizes at all I have to keep battling to get them which to me is now a waste of time and spending 100 gems just to get explosion and enchantment.

I agree with you. Yes we dont often see eye to eye but you make many valid points. I respect coherence when i see it. I cannot and will not ever respect IP2 as is

At least they recognized my post by changing the category to “uncategorized”

Their category for criticism is the bin.

I really want to feel excited about new things coming up but I don’t.

I still like playing the game, I’m not at that point yet, but I’m not looking forward to updates anymore.


Documentedly true, but oh so many issues with customer satisfaction only exist over the years because the mods/cx/whatevertheywannacallthemselves lack the soft skills to be mods, and even go out of their way to go against the playerbase when it’s uncalled for, as proven by the Dungeon Fiasco…

…and they know the playerbase (especially the newer players who still wanna believe things can change) will trust them again soon enough when the next batch of ‘promises’ is half baked.
:sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:


This is not a bug report thread, so please do not continue to change it back to one.

The CX team has been grabbing any new threads and feedback/comments shared on the existing official update thread.

As with all feedback, comments etc, we will be sharing these with the development team.

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Bug reports seem to be the only ones you pay attention to.
I’ll leave it now as a “Feature request and Game feedback”. At least for a while…
If we don’t see any changes and get a notification about, I’ll consider to change it back again.
Would be nice to hear from you again in let’s say a week from now.


I’m going to be pessimistic, but this month they have a lot of holidays so I wouldn’t expect them to give us relevant information that would give us hope in the game and that there will be a change in its focus.

I agree with everything you have said, so I will try to contribute to this, although there is little more to add.
Many old and active players in my guild have left the game out of boredom, desperation and feeling like they are playing slots. Those of us who remain do not have infinite patience either, and i hate slots.


You are correct. Its a thread about you not giving a flying…

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Which isn’t a bug, it’s a feature.

So I guess feature request makes sense, huh?

Haha yes. An ever present and recurring feature. Like a bug that cannot and will not be addressed.

Still waiting for a reply


Not much to add, but I agree with everything and wanted to reply because I sincerely hope things change.

Played everyday for year, was pretty addicted. At some point the game stopped being fun and started being work. I found myself thinking oh I need to log on and do w, x, y, z and the rest, and then hopefully I’ve got some free time left to play (insert actual fun game here).

As you mentioned, there’s lots of work for very little reward. Gnome weekends being a great example. Hours of grinding for an incredibly slow drip of gnomes.

It’s sad, I used to love this game but I couldn’t justify pouring hours into a game that went from being stress-relieving to an added stressor. I quit a couple months ago. I hope someday it’s worth coming back.

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