You want gem usage, we want to spend them in beneficial ways

It’s a win win! More profit for you, more fun for us.
The daily deals are a great idea. In theory.
In practice, most of our offers are for things we don’t want or need.
Like, ingots. Or event keys. Or even pets for kingdoms that are already max level.

For example.
Of all kingdoms that I might want to level right now, Darkstone is not one of them. It’s sitting at 22 (max), short by one pet, and most of those deals I get every day are the same offering - 3 pets to level this kingdom that cannot be levelled any further. 150 gems for a pet that I would rather find in a battle when it won’t even advance my kingdom?
No thanks. No purchase. Player loses. Devs lose. No fun in that.

Why not give the users a choice?
This could be done a couple of ways.
1. Randomly generate 3 different options that could benefit a user each day, and let us decide what would benefit our kingdom the most.
((We should only be able to choose only one of these options, keeping it true to the current limitations.))
2. Allow us to select a kingdom we want to advance, and then randomly generate a deal (or choice of deals) to benefit that kingdom.

We would be spending more gems that way rather than being annoyed at the RNG failing us again.


I don’t understand why this system exists. The devs have stated they can’t check all requirements because some of it may be slow/difficult to process, which I get, so, why the half approach? Why not just have the offers be completely random? Give each type a specific weight so some appear more than others, but otherwise, it’s just RNG like everything else in the game. It’s the easiest thing to do. It won’t lead to people being frustrated because they’re expecting optimized offers while getting useless ones.

Monster Hunter World does this! It’s a great system. Once in a while you get three random shop (sound like the daily offer anyone?). You can request the type of items in that shop. Example below, where the player wants twice as many “materials” as “tradeins”. There’s other item types, but the player doesn’t want any.


Imagine the player can request “pet”, “pet”, and “class xp”, then the player will get twice as many pet offers as class xp offers.

Not sure how to handle rare offers like writs or deeds though.


Because this would lead to the same terrible reality that existed back when the Adventure Board was individualized for each respective player.

Offers as they currently exist are already “unfair” and punish progression. Best not to make it worse by leaning into the former for the sake of leaning away from the latte — I’d much rather just see them fix offers that punish progression.

Wouldn’t be as hard as they claim; here are a few bandaids (that aren’t even the best implementations, but my suggesting those elsewhere has never led to anything actual, so :man_shrugging: Maybe if I speak in dev-half-measures I’ll be better understood):

Kingdom Progression offers become offers of medals instead of useless card copies — Gaard only if *tHaT WOulD BrEaK da EcoNomY” is a fear. Only people with a fully-medalled collection would be affected negatively by this bandaid.

Kingdom Progression offers of Event Keys have an expanded table so that there is at least a chance to buy 10, 25, or 50 Event Keys (at ever increasing costs, of course — would still suck for an endgamer to get the 1 key offer, but of sometimes they could get 50 keys they’d likely shrug at the inconvenience. Alternatively, get fancy and make how many keys get offered a function of which Kingdom Power is currently achieved/blocked: else-ifs: sub-5, 1 key; sub-10, 5 keys; sub-15, 10 keys; sub-20, 15 keys; sub-25, 20 keys; sub-30, 25 keys).

Eliminate ingot offers for any player attempting to achieve a kingdom level over 10 — no such player needs ingots, and no need to make the system check the player’s inventory (an actual proper solution) so boom, bandaided. Offer a weapon for gems instead if you want people to actually spend heftily.


I would like my options to be "pet, “pet,” and “pet!” :joy:



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They should seriously just make the middle offer always be for a pet. And then if someone has all pets maxed then offer a random medal. That would simplify the coding and reduce server processing time a bit, plus people would get something they want way more often.

In practice I look at the daily offer for pets and imperial deeds, everything else is ignored for the most part.

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My problem recently is that the only offer I get in the middle is for 3 pets.
1 - I only need one to advance in this kingdom, so purchasing 3 is not worth my gems.
2 - This kingdom does not benefit by me buying a pet; it is blocked by troop release. I already have them all.

It’s been the same offer for most of this month. No gems spent there.

This is why I suggested a choice. Pet/class exp/whatever else would be an option much better for each person to decide what would benefit their own progression the most, and make more sales.


Maybe they’ve given up on gems as a currency and constantly re-balancing the game’s economy around ever-increasing gem-incomes.

“We don’t care if you have a million gems or none, buy the campaign pass and weapon offers.” shrug

I’d enjoy if the offers were just random. Most of the time I get orb, class xp, or ingots and those are never going to get my gems.

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However, they don’t really need your gems. They need the real money coming from you. @Fizziepop

Of course they do. And what do you think happens when we run out of gems because of too much tempting stuff to spend it on, and need more for whatever we are doing next? :stuck_out_tongue: