A better Dungeon Shop offer

Because what is the point of offering 15 Diamonds for 100 Gems when there’s a 50-Gem offer providing SO MUCH more for so much less? I say get rid of the 100-Gem offer, I can only see one very limited scenario where it could be a viable Gem purchase but even then, it’s still more cost-effective to just go craft 15 Diamonds in the Soulforge directly, than spend Gems.

Instead, how about THIS for a 100-Gem dungeon offer:

  • You get to reset the dungeon and make a second run.

Some of the obvious benefits:

  • If you had used a Descending Stairs, you can now make a new run at that increased reward level.
  • A second complete run means another set of 100+ colored Jewels and 20+ Diamonds in the battle rewards. I like to craft the weekly weapons whenever I can, but am CONSTANTLY running short of colored Jewels to do so (some more than others).
  • For Dragonite hunters specifically, this means a second chance at scoring a Perfect Run that day. Of course, unlike the 300-Gem offer, it’s not a guaranteed thing, the RNG is still calculated at 10%.

Personally, I’d spend gems to peek behind a door. I’d never spend gems just to repeatedly get kicked in the shorts.


Same here. But I’m not sure I’d even buy door peeks. Maybe 10 gems to reveal a trap.

Spend gems for even more RNG? Um… Never. Buying dragonite directly would be a far better deal.

I get the offer, even if I’ve never taken it (and probably never will).
When I was GM there were many times players would be just x Gems short for a craft they really wanted or had heard was good – even with crafting Jewels or using Vault Keys or anything. And you know now with the massive and ever-increasing Soulforge rotation it’s a while before they appear again. I’d even heard people say they’d go for something like this – so it makes sense.
I don’t know what the uptake numbers are so far, or will be long-term – maybe they’re too late with creating the offer, maybe it’s not doing well – but it’s fair to say it’s not really for late mid- or end-gamers who are more focused on longer-term strategies.

Your idea is a better offer, though – similar Diamond output (although much more on Sundays) for the same cost, with additional chances for other things, however demotivating ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯. I probably wouldn’t take it, would maybe consider Sundays.

Sounds like precisely the situation I was thinking of prior to posting: there’s just a few hours left before the weekly reset and you are annoyingly JUST one or two materials short of whatever you want to craft – e.g. I really wanted to get Rope Dart at first sight, but couldn’t find the resources for it so I had to wait until Pridelands came back on rotation…

But given I spend 350 Gems a week for the extra colored Jewels, I’m not exactly overflowing with funds for the more expensive offers. And depending on weapon colors, sometimes I just can’t acquire weapons in consecutive weeks.

I hear ya. The biggest complaint is that the Dragonite payout is structured as “jackpot or zero”, and with a 90% rate of failure to get a Perfect Run it can be quite demoralizing. (Even literal slot machines in actual casinos have higher win rates!) I would also love to see an offer that gives you a clue to the doors, but … I’m also familiar with Mineswepper or Sudoku so it can’t be a clue that outright gives away what the Perfect Run is.

For example, if there was an offer to reveal where the Boon room is? Okay, but unfortunately it doesn’t change your chances of a Perfect Run since the Boon room itself is irrelevant to a Perfect run.

I was mulling over possibilities at work today, and hit upon this idea:

  • Since there are only two Traps, there must always be one column of doors which are not Traps. So, make an offer that picks two such doors and reveals them. Now will be either 1 or 2 doors away from a Perfect Run, but remember that with 2 traps in 4 doors you still have at least a 50% chance of stepping on a Trap.
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