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Irrational Pricing in Daily Offers

The daily dungeon deal is:
*20 diamond
*100 x (colored gem)
*400 shards
*250 souls
*4 runic stones
All for 50 gems…

The daily offer is:
*1200 souls
*30 diamonds
*3000 shards
All for 300 gems…

6x the first offers (300 gems) gets me:
*120 diamond
*600 x (colored gem)
*2400 shards
*1250 souls
*24 runic stones

These prices need serious examination. How does this make sense?

It’s a lot like the gem shop - why would anyone pay $99.99 for gems for 3.3 cents each (first purchase! - it’s far worse after that); when there are frequent offers for gems at 2 cents each; plus extras? Whomever sets these prices seems to not own a calculator as the pricing is irrational and random.


Please watch out with such comparisons.
Seeing this, they may decide daily dungeon offer is way too good, and increase it’s cost from 50 gems to 500 gems…


Wait, what? I bought that every sunday for the diamonds. The price increased 10 fold? That’s just preying on unsuspecting players that are used to buy that packs every day/week.

That was irony. Lorien compared two offers, so one of those offers could be tweaked to match the other. But you can’t be sure, devs will lower down the more expensive offer (as everyone expects). Instead they could in theory just increase price of Dungeon offers, to keep those offers on similar level :wink:. Hope it’s all clear now.

Oh okay, you really scared me there. I shouldn’t write here when I’m too tired to read right.

I’m relatively new player, so my game understanding is not as good as it could be, but from my perspective:

At Sunday, without any so called “deal”, for 50 gems you can buy (and should do so, cause it’s actually good offer!):
2 gem keys (which are worth 18 gems)
400 shards (which are 4 diamonds in reality)
80 diamonds

And now, devs added this new random “great deal” for 300 gems:
1200 souls (worth close to nothing)
30 diamonds
3000 shards (which are 30 diamonds in reality)

So you have a choice to buy sure offer every Sunday 84 diamonds + 2 gem keys (worth 18 gems!) for 50 gems or unsure, random daily super deal 60 diamonds for 300 gems… what will you choose?

The main problem here is, most of those offers are so ridiculously overpriced, it makes you wonder, do the person who made those know the game at all? I understand making those offers slightly too expensive, especially in the beginning, so you can tweak them later. I also understand those offers are random, so maybe it’s actually better to set their price slightly higher than expected by players (so lucky players won’t get too big advantage over time, or at least it would cost them gems). But currently, most of those new offers are so bad, it doesn’t make any sense to buy them, even if you are “lucky” enough to get them in your daily offers.


Just plain wrong!


Take mine too while you’re at it


Well Caveat Emptor applies to any 505 offer

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I want to spend my gems. But I didn’t buy any daily deal this week - I keep receiving overpriced offers for the things that I don’t need. I also got this “Expert Supply” offer (not the first time this week) and I don’t understand why the game continues proposing me this - I didn’t buy this yesterday, and won’t buy it today. Gem keys are cheaper in the chests (which are always available) and only a newbie can fall in the trap of this offer.


Same here. I like the shop updates, for the most part. @Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra there are many threads pointing out the need to fix and update the offers in some of these “deals”. Please update these ASAP lest you encourage all of us customers to ignore them and not even check them each day…

~Nowayjoe2go of the Arch Druids


I would hope the comparison does not trigger a nerf to the dungeon daily offer. If you’ve committed to the game to a point where your account is strong enough to make it through all 3 dungeon battles, then you should be rewarded with a better deal.

at this point, a nerf to daily dungeon offers wouldn’t improve purchase rates of daily deal offer, it would only decrease the amount of daily dungeon offers being purchased.


Please don’t change the structure of the dungeon deals it’s one of the only ways I can get green/yellow/red runic stones!!! Unlike some I am not gem rich I am touch and go and what I have each week for all the games, raids, guild tasks etc. I hit everything to earn more treasure hunts, desperately searching explore/ PVP for elusive gnomes hoping they might have some. Our guild make sure the blue task is completed first. So anything that makes it easier to trait up troops I grab with both hands!!!

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