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Gem Bounties: The best source of diamonds no one knows about

Someone in my guild who’s played more than me didn’t know about this. Dungeon was out for weeks before I heard about it. I think there are a lot of people who just don’t know so I want to try and help with visibility.

There is a hidden way to get a lot of diamonds buried in the Dungeon menu. Look for the relatively small, purple “Offer” button at the top-right:


If you click that, you get a chance daily to spend $4.99 on an unimpressive set of things or 50 gems for a rotating daily offer. The offers are consistent on each day of the week. Sunday offers something like 100 20 diamonds. (I can’t confirm it? No easily-found source has all of the bounties.) Compare “the 50 gems I get weekly from playing guild rewards/tribute” to $4.99 and it’s well worth it.

Seriously. 55 gems is currently $4.99 in the store. It gets you twice the diamonds the $4.99 deal in the dungeon gets you. Don’t get snookered by the gem bounty for $4.99. If you want to spend $5, do it this way and get double diamonds.

DEVS: This is really stupid and I’ve never understood why you hid one of the game’s better deals. I am a dev too, you can’t convince me there’s no way to make “the player has finished the first Dungeon level” available to the store that doesn’t start with, “Well, because we made a bad decision…” Consider putting ALL of the things that cost money/gems in the shop? Also reconsider the incredibly bad $4.99 deal here. I think it’s only there to fool players and it’s bad form.

(I crossed out but left up the inaccurate information, it’d make the people who corrected me look goofy if I deleted/edited away the wrong info.

I still think 50 gems is basically free for what it gets you, and the $4.99 isn’t enough more to get me worked up. I’m also pretty sure a lot of players don’t realize they can get diamonds for gems once a week.)


My reading comprehension this morning isn’t up to snuff, but are you sure you’re not mixing and matching Gems vs Diamonds?

The darn icons are way too similar.


I still can tell if guild tasks are giving me diamonds or gems. They should make the diamonds black. That’d look cool and more original.
Can you please suggest black diamonds?


The $5 bounty gives more diamonds than the gem bounty, no? So it isn’t a horrible deal like @Slypenslyde is making it out to be.

Edit: yup. Don’t spend $5 on 50+(VIP) gems. Spend it in the dungeon instead. Or get the daily deal and get 225 gems over two weeks.

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Or make it a rainbow stone that contains all the colors of the six lesser crafting stones. Same approach as for trait stones.

They did that with celestial traitstones and look what we got! No, I’ll stick with black diamonds thank you!

Math is wrong (it’s 50 diamonds & 3 gem keys in the $5 deal vs 20 diamonds in the 50 gem deal). That said, you’re absolutely right that it’s dumb how buried the offer is.

This was obvious to me since the first day the Soulforge was released. How you can say it was hidden is incomprehensible.


I edited out the parts that seem inaccurate, it’d be nice if there were a chart somewhere detailing what the daily deals are so I don’t have to work from memory? Either way 50 gems/week is “basically free” so if you aren’t aware of this bounty you’re losing diamonds every week.

RE: @RiverSong: Across several threads and within my guild I’ve met many people who had no clue. Probable cause: people who don’t spend money on the game don’t click shiny “offer” buttons because they assume that’s how you spend money on the game. If you want a cookie for finding it really fast, you’ve got one, but it’s not a thread for people who know about it.

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I am on these forums regularly, like you. I have guildmates who aren’t, and who occasionally still post that they didn’t know about the gem bounty. I have been trained to ignore “Offer!” tabs because it is almost never in-game currency. This was the exception.

For future historians, my post and @Slypenslyde ‘s were less than a minute apart. I was sniped!

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You’re right that there are things in this game forum users consider obvious, that the general players struggle with.

Sirrian mentioned in (last month’s?) streaming that they hope to rework the new player experience. To help with the learning curve, and I assume, lead them to things like this. So it’s a useful feedback thread for the development team to see.

Those of us that have been with the game for a couple years, and the developers, got to see each feature added one at a time, and learn them. Trying to “play dumb” and see where newer users might find confusion is difficult.

I’m drunk.
But on Xbox, you can buy unlimited ~5$ diamond packs in the store if you keep clicking on it. I, ummm, abused that bug to buy all the custom forge weapons and that worthless Xanth.

I disagree. I think it’s a horrible and non-obvious bit of UI design. Hidden may be a bit strong, but unintuitive certainly applies.

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It’s a bright purple banner. I honestly don’t see how anyone missed it. And if you weren’t curious enough to at least check it out, that’s your own lookout.

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As others said, it’s obvious there’s an ‘offer’ there, but that is typically taken to mean a chance to spend real cash, and it’s really not obvious that it will have a second tab you have to click to find the gem purchase option. It also leads to too many unnecessary clicks.

I found it straight away as I obsessively click through anything that is there to see what it does, but many wouldn’t.