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You ran out of gems

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Taken from Xbox One. Doing more arena when this happened. It isn’t the reward screen glitch.


Any of you know how this happened?

lel. 10char

Why does one of those names on that list just not seem to fit…


@TaliaParks gives bellyrubs.

Ponies love bellyrubs.

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I give apple cider and salt licks among other things in my bar.

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Looks like the development team forgot to pay there Mana bill :stuck_out_tongue:


I have no idea why this happens unfortunately. Once this bug appeared, I haven’t played a single run of Arena.

unloads his cart of oats and cider

Who wants bellyrubs!?


gallops to @TaliaParks

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Hey buddy!

holds out hand

Stay away from Arena, Discord’s been in there recently. He seems to have messed it all up.


And here I thought Fluttershy reformed him…

nuzzles hand

Their mana bill has to be really high considering.

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Somehow i believe we are derailing poor @PowerPlay topic :slight_smile:

I think the gems were derailed on arrival to his board. All Aboard and Steamer are responsible for the trains.

Now the event rewards didn’t show up! :expressionless:

Is that happening with BOTH of the Xbox1 and PS4 Rewards tab, and the paid Store bundles too?

I’ll let you know after my arena run, @Theicla.

Why after? My team isn’t crap and I still need souls by the bucketload.

The Bundles tab is inactive on my PS4 as well.

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