Glory rewards glitching in the shop

I am mad. I just spent hard earned glory in the new spooky imp only for it to glitch and give me the werewolf and only drop one werewolf at that. I did it twice thinking it was a mistake. That’s 900 glory wasted. I did not want the werewolf. Please do something about this. Now the shop is glitching out. 3 werewolves and 3 imps it says but it is not doing. I am sooooooooo upset. @GoldPhoenix0

This is going on as well. I am so mad. :cry: I had been saving glory for something like this so I could get my first Mythic ever.

Yup, the rewards are bugged as hell, wasted 900 glory as well, wanting to get death traitstones from the Imp chest. Is there any way to ticket them and get a refund or something? From in-game? Because I can’t seem to ticket them from their official websites, can’t login there with my ps4 account - seems like you need to create an account on their site.

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I spent glory on the werewolf just to see what’s good with that and one card different traitstones. This… I am just at a loss of words. I am going to try to submit a trouble ticket.

I too am mad with the stuff to buy with glory. I got the villager, got 3 instead of 1, I got 5 were wolf’s in stead of 15, and brought the spook imp and never received that card. Total cost, 2450 glory.

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I submitted a trouble ticket with no problems. I hope I am compensated as well as you guys are.

Few weeks ago, I had the same problem with Winter Imp and Yeti. I submitted a ticket, got nice replies from Lila36, got a glory refund with a nice 50 extra and I could keep the extra missing packs I had bought.

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That’s awesome.