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Reset problems yesterday

Yesterday part of starting donation went missing after reset - also some new dancer cards from events chests .

Contacted 505 for support and they wrote back telling me to suck it up because the developers were aware of the issues and working on it.

Checked this forum and there’s nothing here.

400k is a lot to suck up - its Christmas and I’m not seeing spirit round here with 1 or 50 chest alteration either.

Yep I’m not in a good mood about this right now, so developers since 505 are telling players to get lost what are you doing about it please - with your skeleton staff?

Hello @peacefull, please contact the Gems of War support directly so we can assist you with this issue. We will do our best for you!

Which option please?

It would seem no assurances either …

And why is there no mention of this on the forums because many in global were complaining early yesterday?

We weren’t in the office/working when the issue had full effect on players.

Regarding you first query, go here to learn how to contact support.

Support will sort you out. I’ve complained about a lot in this game but support is the one thing I could never complain about. @Vexx and @Nimhain are great (so is @Lila36 but unfortunately she is gone now) every time I have had a problem is usually sorted out in a day or 2.

I’m sure @Cyrup, @Saltypatra and anyone else I have forgotten is good too but I haven’t had the pleasure or dealing with them yet.


We always try our best when it comes to support!!!

Where’s lyla gone? She was always great at helping me out, also remember Arsen. Is he still at 505?

A few of us also contacted 505 support about gold I think I’m down about 500k before we noticed it was glitched (I was just dumping my usual 2 to 3 million in after reset. no issues when I completed the task fully but once we hit the rank 9 to 12 and I started “sprinkling” the gold around to get the tasks close to being finished by others I realised the mistake. (which wasn’t noticeable till you left the guild task and went back in. When you first donated the gold it showed the % complete correctly etc but after you left and came back in it was reset to 0%) Myself and at least 2 other guild members lost a healthy amount. 505 reply was confusing to me like the OP I’m not sure if they told me “suck it up” or “get bent” or what but I don’t consider the issue resolved.

Sorry to come back but the linked page states clearly console must go to 505 games who refused to do anything because the developers ‘were aware of the issue’ even if they weren’t saying so.

There’s no way i’m seeing that new mythic now is there? put a request in anyway despite what form says Request #51146


We handle a lot of console tickets, so please do contact us. :slight_smile:

Got my money back Thanks

nothing else though - called a liar - real nice support.