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Yet ANOTHER Treasure Hunt Revision Concept

Ok… so, bulk use seems like it is simply not gonna happen. :frowning:

SO… here is my NEW idea to “fix” Treasure Hunt.

Since they are MAPS… it stands to reason that they are maps to particular places.
What if you were able to select the Kingdom in which your treasure were located?
That way every 15 moves awarded a traitstone from that Kingdom!

Would that make them more useable by late-game players… I seem to think so???



An idea as simple as it sounds awesome!

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Sounds good. :slight_smile:
Fun fact: The first time i saw the Explore Mode preview i instantly thought it would be unlockable by spending one Treasure Map for each battle.

Among some ideas i have sketched here there is something related to it, some maps to unlock certain locations with special challenges, certain enemies with buffed statuses like Evolved Gorgotha for example or conditional effects to the board and more.

I like it! A lot!!!

I really love this idea. :fireworks: :tada::fireworks:

I’ll support it, even if it would do little to draw me in personally.

Thanks for all the support! Keep bumping this thread and maybe devs will notice!!


I like the concept, you have very interesting idea here, unfortunately being able to select a Kingdom is very unbalanced game wise. Note the enthusiasm above.

HOWEVER, If we combine your idea with some of the previous ones it takes care of two birds with one stone. So to find treasure in a specific Kingdom, You would need to use 5 maps, or 10 maps (or whatever the Developers think). This way you have another targeted Traitstone farming method besides explore and you are allowing players to work off some maps.

@Strat Must be a mind reader. I actually thought that this was what it would take, but I thought I would get the concept out there first w/o bulk use, since bulk use has gotten little to no support from devs. I think 10 is too steap personally, 5 would be…ok.

I personally think 2/3 maps would be fair. It does not change chances or number of turns, just allows you to target kingdom specific traitstones.