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Yasmine's Pride casting delay

Platform, device version and operating system
iPad 6 (iOS 11)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
When I cast Yasmine’s Pride on a Tower in last week’s Invasion, there was always a slight pause before the “armour destruction” icon appeared and the weapon’s action completed. The pause was about a second long.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happened every time on iOS, but I didn’t notice it on Steam.
I think it’s new to v4.0 and I saw it only during the Invasion. I had used this weapon on Invasions under v3.5 without noticing any problem (on Android and Steam, but only on v9 of iOS on an iPad 2).
I apologise that I haven’t tested more extensively. I can say when I saw it, but not when I didn’t. Sorry.

Steps to make it happen again
Cast Yasmine’s Pride on a tower in last week’s Invasion on iPad6.

I’m reporting this largely because a pause like this might be symptomatic of some kind of a problem under the hood, which it might help your programmers to be aware of.

Im gonna guess it was because of yamine prides last trait: destroy 3 green gems

My Yasmine’s Pride is only +8 (don’t need that random board effect), and it still sometimes slow down in Delve. I think it only happened once you play with it for a while, similar to troop manu delay.

@noob You may be right, since it is +9 now. So I wouldn’t have seen it before I levelled it.

I remember a similar effect from a fully-levelled Morthani’s Scythe.

Of course, the timing of the delay is still weird.

My Elemental Bow did the same once I upgraded it, it must be pausing to do board effects from upgrades.

Of course, it takes time for the upgrade effects to precisely snipe those 4-matches before they can register.

All working as intended in the sabotage, i mean… upgrade system. :sweat_smile:

This is may be, as you say, caused by the affix. Especially if you’re at +9, that’s a lot of stuff going on.

Can you describe exactly what occurs when you cast the weapon? The affixes should trigger after the weapon has fully cast its Spell. Is the delay between the cast (i.e destroy armor/give Life) and the action of the other affixes?

The pause was definitely between the selection of target and anything else happening. The first thing that would happen after the pause was the breaking shield icon appearing over the targetted troop as its armour was destroyed.

The length of the pause, on the other hand, was definitely about the same as what I used to see with Morthani’s Scythe with its gem creation (IIRC).

I agree that it’s probably the affix.

I have noticed this delay with any leveled weapon. Most prominantly Dawnbringer, because that’s what I use most often, but any other fully traited weapon as well. It’s like the game has to take a second or two to decide what to do with that many traits.

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