Sky Hero Weapon Pause

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When you cast it even on 4 times speed it pauses for a second with all the red gems on the board
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Seems to happen everytime I cast it

If you haven upgraded the weapon, the pause is because ‘computer is thinking’…

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Yep, this is a pain in the ass. I wonder if we’re just never supposed to upgrade weapons?

Or it might just be because your computer is a little bit slow…
Never have that problem on my computer but not everybody will have an GTX 1080 in their case.

I run into the same thing with Ubastet.

Have you actually used this weapon fully upgraded?

Hi @Del0921 Thanks for reporting this.

What are your PC specs? CPU, Graphics card, RAM?

Sorry forgot to check back. I have upgraded the weapon to +9
I have an intel core i7, 16 gig of ram, and a GeForce GTX 760 video card

I see the same thing on an iPhone 7. If it’ll help, tonight I’ll try and set up a video of it in action.

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@Slypenslyde that would be great!

Also I’ve made a bug report for this

OK, here’s a video. It ends pretty quick after the cast, but I think it illustrates.

My guess: it feels like my x4 animation is turned off or not respected for this cast. I’ll bet if you’re not noticing it, it’ll become apparent at x4.

Thanks I’ve made a bug report so we can test this.