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[NOT A BUG] Fist of Heaven bug

Apple Ipad

I have fully upgraded Fist of Heaven. After explosions, EVERY TIME, there is a five second delay for the new gems to cascade down.

This is the only explosion for which the delay occurs.

Is it this? Game lags when casting new Invasion weapon [NEED MROE INFO]

I reported the same thing with this weapon. If you slow the animation down you will see it isn’t a bug, there is just a lot of stuff happening.

If what you’re experiencing is different, fill out the bug report you deleted to make this post since the devs will ask for it.

I upgraded the weapon too, and used it yesterday in FA. Never experienced this, not on PC nor on android.

Yes! That is the exact experience for me! Incredible delay every time I cast it. Using ipad!

This isn’t a bug, but the feedback has been passed onto the team.