[More info needed] Input or game lag when casting

Anyone else experiencing and input lag when trying to cast troops randomly on PS5 platform?

Really frustrating and ive thoroughly looked into this while playing event.

Every so often when i bring a troop up to cast, ive noticed the “cast” button is inactive or greyed out for about a second, obviously this is annoying when you’re fast and it doesnt register when u first try cast.

Its def not everytime but every few cast attempts i would say.

I thought it was my controllers lol.

UPDATE: So far seems to be happening with gobtruffles in event as another guild mate just confirmed same happened to them, they just thought it was their fat fingers :rofl:, it isnt often, i would say around 20 to 30 cast attenpts.

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Yes same same on Nintendo switch it takes a long time to press cast any troops!

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I’ve had sporadic occasions of this (on PS4), but I also believe that a significant proportion of them are when I’m looping on offense and trying to cast before everything has resolved, such as Fire Gems that have matched and are in the process of inflicting the enemy team with Burn. Because I’ve noticed this a fair amount in Explore these days – because “battlecrasher” – but also a few times this morning with my World Event team (because I have Flaming Oni in there for mana generation and emergency summons).

That doesn’t mean I’d rule out other causes, but this is just my experience I’m sharing here.

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Yeah i dont have flaming oni in my world event team, weird, its only the world event, the rest of the game fine.

Also having played 8 years this has never happened to me, its def something fishy, i literally see the inactive cast button after i bring up a troop to cast, also u wouldnt be able to bring up a troop to cast if the game hasnt competed everything, well thats usually the case. Strange nonetheless.

Not a game breaker but def annoying lol.

I have noticed this too.

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Hey, is everyone who has noticed this on Playstation and Switch? (any Xboxers, PC players with controllers, or PC/mobile players without controllers?)

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My bug report

Has been fixed that way. While there are flame or cursed gems on air to their target, you can’t press cast button.

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