Problem: Sky Hero weapon (Shentang) animation is *slow*

@Kafka @Jeto

Some weapon cast animations have been improved in the past. Since this happens to be a Shentang week, I couldn’t help trying Sky Hero again, and it reminds me again why I hated using it: the animation is terribly slow.

The problem seems to be that it generates 3 animations that are each slow at resolving: the column destruction, the hit first target for 5 damage, and hit second target for 5 damage, with each taking at least 1 second.
The problem isn’t with the trait designs themselves, just the animation execution.
The two 5 damage hits seem to each have 1 second long execution time (in addition to the 1 second-ish column destruction animation), when they should just go off real quick in half second total at most.

I hope this can be looked into.

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