Yasmine's Chalice stat difference


How come when I use this item it gives 5 live to all my troops but when I encounter enemies in PvP , it gives them 15 live to all?

Thank you in advance


This is because of the level 10 kingdom bonus and probably level of the hero class.


Your ennemies just have more magic. This might come from :

  • Kingdoms lvl 10
  • Kingdom star lvl 5
  • Hero lvl
  • Hero class lvl
  • Hero class perk
  • magic bonus from troop types / kingdom affiliations
    -in fight magic boosts such as soothsayer

But I believe the main difference comes from the class.


Aaah thamx for the explanation.


I thought about this again and somewhere along the line, the game got more technical where as, a casual gamer like myself, cannot keep track anymore.

My main kingdom is at level 10, the rest level 7. I, myself is level 269 and my “class” is level 20. The only thing that I can think of is Ascension of troops. Somehow, almost the excact troop line-up, almost 50-100 levels below my own Hero, seems to have so much more, sometimes more than double, the hitpoints, attack, magic, ect, ect.

How would that be possible me think. mmmm

Is this a point of pay-to-win scenario ?


This sounds like the difference lies in kingdom bonuses. I believe at your level I had most kingdoms at level 10. Surely you know there’s only stat bonuses when a kingdom is leveled to 10, so it’s better to leave all kingdoms at about level 5 and then concentrate at leveling them to 10 one at a time.

And there’s no P2W, it’s more about resource management, also a good guild helps.


Exactly as @yonizaf wrote. You can pay to get the resources faster, that’s for sure, but there’s nothing you can buy with real money that directly influences the gameplay. Resource gathering ratio - yes, but troops stats and so on - no. That’s one of the very nice things in this game.


Thanx for the replies. I guess I just, all of a sudden, felt overwhelmed. Stuff did not make sense anymore. I give all my money to mu guild and it’s not a competitive guild at all but I’m loyal to a fault.


I don’t think it’s a good strategy. It’s better to advance your kingdoms giving to the guild only part of the money (50% perhaps?) and only when all are lvl 10 switch to full contribution. It’ll help both you and the guild in the long run as you’ll get more resources from tributes and will be able to contribute more to the guild (leaving you with those precious souls and glory ;)).


Good and solid advice. Thank you.


Honestly did not know that. Thanx for the info.


One other point to add - check your difficulty settings as this can also greatly affect the enemy stats.

Having it set to the higher Warlord levels will greatly increase the monster stats, which includes +Magic gains.

Reading your OP I would think it’s likely a combination of difficulty settings, team bonuses and optimised kingdom levelling.