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Classes and Kingdoms

Been working on what to invest in next (not in any real big hurry btw).

Been working through the classes (though some just don’t seem interesting to me) but I have not found anything saying you get some really neato goody if you have all classes to 20th like the kingdoms to 10th. So is it worth getting all the classes to 20th level and fully traited for a hero?

That brings me to the question of ‘home kingdom’ - do people bounce around, other than matching up with the class - (and the kingdom bonuses) does it really matter if you change regularly home kingdom?

And last weird question;
If I decided to bring out some of my more weirder troops with my hero in PvP and my Team total goes back to say 4000s- am I presented with teams within that range or will I be stuck at the current grouping I am at.

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not even sure what is going on in this video cause it looks like more than a drive.

It’s for you. You should feel a deep connection to it

I don’t use heroes usually. But you might as well try to get 250 wins with each hero class. There’s no need to spend souls to level him or actually use him.

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Turns out mine’s a him too.