Just a question about classes

Why do they not count towards kingdoms? If they did, you could technically get Ghulvania up to 10 stars since the kingdom has 19 troops already and the class would bump it to 20. I have been wondering this for some time. Balance issues? Maybe the fact they don’t belong to a kingdom until it’s level 10 at least? If it was the latter problem, it could simply act as if you don’t own the ‘troop’ until it hits level 10.

Just wondering about this.

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I’m not sure, but I think it’s because your hero can change class/kingdom at any point. Where as a troop, say Mab, cannot change where it is from.

Classes do count towards kingdom unlocks; to reach the 8th star you must unlock the class, and later stars require the class be traited and leveled. They don’t count toward troop requirements because classes aren’t troops; the game treats them as distinct.


It’s a neat idea, but it’s based on the premise “since kingdom power goes up to level X there has to be a way to get to level X for at least one kingdom”. The toughest thing to deal with is what Zeddicus2017 pointed out: it wouldn’t make sense to be able to temporarily have a kingdom power.

The point of raising kingdom power was to have room to grow. That means, for a long time, it will be impossible to reach the highest levels with any kingdom.

Has anyone noticed the fact, that the moment that we were on the verge of 10 stars for a kingdom
They added new parameters to extend it indefinitely
At the rate they release new classes, we MIGHT have all to 10 star in 2 years now
Then it goes up to 20 stars Lol
Just sayin…

It’s almost as if they want you to keep playing and progressing in the future!


12 star will be available with the next patch. If you have Gards Avathar and 4 major orbs of ascension you can reach them right away

I just feel it’d be more sensible to add the new criteria to after 10*
Why would u, after 4 years of existence, put a major halt/setback to expected progression, that people were about to achieve after playing so long
That’s all I’m saying, it seems extremely nonsensical