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Can someone guide me on resource spending?

Hi all,

Relatively new player here, currently level 47 and enjoying the game immensely, however, I’ve noticed i seem to be wasting most of my resources trying things out without really knowing where i’m heading.

I keep changing my team around, i want to have knights including my hero character (unlocked the class, working on levelling it), i also want to run my weird wildfolk maugrin woods/divinion fields team up, and i also run a goblin team for when the game annoys me and i want an easy win.
very few of the characters are above level 10 (most 5-7) and i cant focus on who to pump my souls into.
EDIT: If it helps, all team members are ultra rare at most, i have a few epics but they dont seem to fit well into any of the teams im trying to run (except Barbearius in my wildfolk team). also virtually no traits unlocked, a few characters have their first traits but thats about it

guild tasks, gold keys or levelling kingdoms? and if kingdoms which ones or doesnt it matter?

Managed to save up and get the spider armour, and honestly i think that will do me, im not overly fussed on upgrading to dragon/celestial any time soon, so i think my choices for gem spending should probably be on chests… but which? event or gem? or a mix? or ignore chests and get more souls/gold?

The tricky one… glory chests or spoils of war or special weekly packs?have around 600ish stashed at the moment and slowly going up, was going to splurge on some glory chests today but then noticed weekly pack changes in a few hours so figured id ask here first what the best use would be…

Thanks for any help in advance!

Souls :
Hero class are relatively new, but I believe they are currently very strong through the whole game, so spending on your hero class is perfectly fine. Then on your team (doesn’t matter if you are changing team a lot for now, but I wouldn’t go over lvl 10 with troops I might not keep around for too long).
Later on, when you’ll have all the troops in your offensive AND defensive deck maxed out, you will want to spend souls on every card to improve your kingdoms “star level”.

Gold :
Definitely not gold keys. Kingdoms is a must for a long lasting good investement, but sticking to your guild is good too. So, if there is a minimum gold investement asked by your guild, you should keep that up and then invest in your Kingdoms. That will help you keep your guild position (and all the advantages coming through your guild) all while leveling your Kingdom to improve your gold income but also your tributes chances. Tributes gives souls, glory and gold, and if you have more than 1 tribute at a time, additionnal gems and gold keys !

Glory :
Most people use them exclusively on weekly event rewards as they contain new troops. But if you miss a lot of troops, it should be fine, for now, to use them on glory keys ; probably until you have all the troops below epic rarity you want (you will eventually get these through Guild task glory keys OR gem chest once you make enough gems to afford these).

Gems :
Definitely keep these for a shiny 500 gem armor (unless you are willing to pay real money for the Death Knight armor, but it’s not a must have and I guess you are a free player). The +100% gold is the better one (as I stated above, gold can help you earn every other resource through Kingdom leveling, and later on through Guild tasks). But eventually, you’ll want to have both 500 gems armor (gold one for PvP, soul one for challenge / main story whenever a new kingdom is released)

Last but not least, Traitstones :
Hold on to these until you have a team you like and really wanna see maxed out.
Once this is done, you will either want to keep the other stones to max out either some legendaries you hadn’t dreamed of playing fully traited yet or spend them on low level unit to improve your kingdom star level, improving even further your incomes through tributes.


Awesome! thanks very much for taking the time, advice noted :slight_smile:

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As for gems: you may consider buying +50% Gold armour as soon as you gain those 50 gems. I did so and I think it’s worth it. Of course eventually go for the best armours, that’s for sure :slight_smile:

I also went with a lower level armor before going with a 500 gem armor, but the guy already has Spider Armor (+50% gold / +75% xp) so I guess there is no point for him to go back to a simple +50% gold :wink:

By the way, I didn’t answer the event or gem keys question.
I think they basically hold the same ratio for ultra rare and above cards. But event chests are focused on one Kingdom : the one currently helding the event.
So, if, for example, you absolutely want a legendary in Khetar, you should wait for an event held in Khetar before spending on it.
Of course, it’s also the way to go if you are missing very few legendaries and want to complete your collection.

On the other hand, if you want to complete your collection, lack over half the legendaries and are willing to spend gems (wich I wouldn’t personnaly do, but you are your own man !), then gem keys are the one you are looking for :wink:

Edit : be advised though : legendaries remain very rare, even in event / gem chests.
As there are reduction for buying 50 keys at a time, I usually buy the 50 event keys whenever the event is set in a Kingdom where I miss one legendary. Out of those 50 keys, I usually get 1 or 2 copies of the legendary.

As a matter of fact, this week’s event will be held in Drifting Sands and I’m currently missing only one legendary, Great Maw (living in Drifting Sands), so I should be able to tell you in 2h30 wether or not I got him out of a 50 event keys pack :wink:


Good catch on the armour advice!

thanks for the extra info, looks like i have to fight my urges and save up for the bigger packs to make it worth it!

Oh, yeah. Sorry, @Orobi, I went through your first post too fast… :blush:


I got one Great Maw, but also one Celestial Traistone. That counts as 2 Legendaries :wink:

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As a new player you should know:
The troop “Valkyrie” is essential for farming Souls and should be in every lineup you play if you want to progress fast!
In normal matches you would get maybe 6 Souls, with Valkyrie up to 40 or so. And this is buffable by Armors and VIP levels. I get 100 Souls per match by 2 activations of her.
Now you have the usual problem of finding a team where a character that transforms gems to blue colour fits in, but trust me, thats the way to go.
Earn souls, level combat troops, kill faster, level all troops to level 5 or 8 to get 1 silver or 1 gold star on your kingdoms, increase the hourly gold, souls, gems, keys and glory rate.

Join a Top 100 guild to get some (12-60) free glory keys a day. Thats worth 10k gold a week!

If you would spend small ammounts of real money the daily packs are a good bargain! 15 days 8k gold, or 100 souls, or 15 gems go a long way when you log in regularly. And you should log in every day to stack up that daily bonus gold and keep it rolling!

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It would appear i do have a valkyrie, so will start looking at squeezing her into a team, i didn’t even consider this, i thought the resource gaining troops wouldn’t be able to form into decent teams but pretty sure i can think of something, thanks!

Does anyone know, if Valkyrie is on my defense team in PvP, would i earn souls for any battles people hold against me, or is that me being dumb?

Hi. :slight_smile: You won’t earn the souls using her in the defense team.

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Awww :slight_smile: makes sense though, thought i was being a bit hopeful! Thanks for the swift reply

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Try to get tyri early and use her for map collection. you want to try to unlock and level kingdoms as soon as possible and maps generate alot of resources for early game.

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It was seeing Tyri in a PvP fight yesterday that actually caused me to raise the above question lol! wondered if they were earning maps for all their PvP matches, but i guess not, shes on my “aim for” list as i dont have her yet, but have already unlocked all kingdoms, just working on splitting my gold between guild tasks and levelling them up now

you get tyri from doing a certain quest line. Not telling you which cause of spoilers.

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No woprries, pretty sure i worked it out from other rewards :slight_smile: