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Ya franks! (Because rhymes with trucks is banned)

Play your game!

(I’ve brought this issue up before in a much nicer way… This shouldn’t be this difficult.)


Two of the goals of campaign is to slow you down and to use up resources. This task will succeed in one or both.


Okay seriously I draw the line at this. Hit the 50 and be done with. That’s what I’m gonna do and I have way less keys than in that image. Maybe if it was Gem Keys it’d be a bit more questionable.

Is it stupid, yes. Is it anywhere near as stupid as several other long-standing problems or campaigns as a whole, no.


The funny thing is, the devs would probably have to play the game a lot more to understand what the screenshots are about. :smile:


Hey line drawer I hit the 50 seconds after posting.
Not every player has 50 glory keys just to chuck away at these tasks. (And in the devs head the Campaign rewards compensate for 25 glory keys, not 50 then)
And yes, then they should open 25 keys 1 at a time then. But since in the past you asked if you could write a script to open chests… You should be the last one drawing the line on chest woes.

The task should be “use 5 glory keys devs”. :clap:

Developer: “I understand the issue. The required number of keys to use for the task will be increased to 50 with the next campaign. However, since opening twice as many chests means twice as many resources will be gained by the player, campaign rewards will be cut in half to compensate.”


I just did it one at a time.

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I just spent 50. There was no way I was going to sit there and individually open 25 chests, one at a time.

Why do you keep so many keys? Upcoming Mythics are worthless.


Well, then it’s an endgame for you. Just get 100% trophies and quit =)

If you don’t want to - well, spend 50 glory keys as you have nothing to spend them for.

No thanks.

Dude, the only thing you can control is your stack. And either way, yellow statue gives 30 GK on the 4th stage (140K in total), which is easily achievable if you are in a more or less active guild.

So what’s your point then?

I cannot test it but if I remember well the 50 keys is a minimum between your number of keys and 50.

If you have less than 50 glory keys, your options are 1, 10, all. Once you reach 50, it changes to 1, 50, all or 200. For completeness, if you are under 10, you see 1, all, spend 1000 glory for 50.


This wasn’t directed at me, but I have to chime in, because the point is pretty obvious.

It doesn’t matter how many glory keys you earn from guild tasks or other events, those are keys you’ve earned through play.

People take issue with the campaigns requiring you to expend resources that you’ve earned just to play the campaign, but at least these resources could largely be replaced through campaign rewards.

But, specifically, the concern is requiring players to expend extra resources (or have to click something 25 times) only to not have the rewards take this into account and compensate players.

Is it the end of the world? No. Does it detract from the fun. Yes.