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Xp points inquiry (Solved)

I am almost level 1200, VIP 6, DK armor, guild level gives 50% xp bonus.

My brother is level 500, celestial, no VIP, guild bonus… laughable.

Completing a Challenge at Warlord IV gives the exact same XP both accounts. VIP bonus says * for gold and souls in specific battles but not Challenges, or XP itself.

So if the bonuses from armor and VIP and guild level aren’t counted in Challenge, needs to be clarified, or fixed. People should know what they are or aren’t paying for in the freemium bonuses.

Challenges are pointless anyways.

I played his account and went 30 levels in less than 2 hours. not pointless for those needing the levels.

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Not to discredit your post, but I still stand by my previous comment.

I tested the challenges with my account and my XP gain in the challenge was affected by removing my armor. What challenges were you playing? I did my tests in Wild Plains.

Edit: Also, are you REALLY sure your Deathknight is equiped properly? Just to be sure you are not using her for cosmetics only, be sure it’s equiped in the right tab.


I was using Challenge mode as a constant in the equation being a mode where reward is static until affected by armor that can be changed to see variables, whereas pvp can vary in rewards. It was not meant as a debate about game modes.

yes DK is equipped for bonus, not just cosmetic. That was one of the first things I checked.

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I figured it out:

Although DK armor was equipped, the bonuses were not being applied correctly. The issue was resolved when I followed the suggestion to switch armor and then back to DK. Now I’m simply left with the aggravation of wondering how long I wasn’t getting the full benefit. lol.

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Maybe it was an issue after 3.5 update, better remember to check it out in the next update (3.6) just to be sure.

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