Why is my gold bonus less than my Mrs?

Hi there everyone!
This has been bugging me for ages and now I want to find out what’s going on because I think I’m getting a bit of a bum deal with the gold I’m winning.
I’m vip level 6 and with the dragon armour I have the following stats…
My Mrs has the deathknight armour but still the same 100% gold bonus and is vip 5 yes she’s getting more gold. These stats make no sense to me. Here’s hers…
Please can anyone, devs especially, explain why I’m getting bummed out? Cheers!

Difficulty setting


Kingdom level and power and hero level puts your team score up and your gold down.

Thanks, I’ll check all the suggestions. Most of mine are 5,6+7 stars, hers aren’t.

Kingdom doesn’t boost %

Vip level
Difficulty setting
Guild statue

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I’ve often wondered what was happening here because I often play on her account too and we’re in the same guild also. I will double check that the difficulty setting is the same. I thought I’d done that but that could have easily been missed when I was doing a couple of Blackhawk challenges on WL4.
I’d look like a huge bell if that was the case though! Lol

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Pretty sure it does. I did a battle a while ago and got 4.5k gold for it later in the week I did the exact same battle but I had leveled up a couple of kingdoms and I got 4k gold. It was against Sisters randomness team. Also difficulty setting don’t work in PvP.

Your team score effects how much gold is offered in a pvp battle, which is increased by kingdom skill bonuses. It does not effect the multiplier percentage.

I just checked again setting to warlord 4 gives me 300,290,270

All my kingdoms are 5*and above apart from Blackhawk and glacial peaks, my Mrs is nowhere near that.

Well everyone know mrs need more $$$ then mr :slight_smile:

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Hahahaha, very good.
Both difficulty levels are the same. I’ve just swapped out the deathknight armour for one of her 50% xp one and she still getting 310 compared to the 270 I get with the same % boost.

After switching difficulties, did you complete a battle? The values shown won’t change until AFTER you’ve completed at least 1 battle after switching. I just tried it, so can confirm.

I was just checking as we have similar VIP (I’m VIP 7 though) and kingdom levels and the same armor, yet your scores were higher than mine, so I was investigating it. Pre-changing the difficulty, I was getting : 250, 290, 270 (for normal). After changing to WR4 and completing a battle, I now show : 350, 415, 370.

P.S. My guild’s statue bonuses give me +40 to both souls and xp.

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I shall test this later, probably set both to normal difficulty.

Here’s some pictures. I think it’s because of the different difficulties across the two accounts. Here’s some more info and pictures.

Here’s rusty sword’s

Those are both on normal difficulty no armour boosts. So I think with the help of the community we’ve sorted this out!

Thanks everyone, i had’t even noticed this lol, now showing 325,400,370

Problem is, (and probably why i didn’t notice) the shown bonus is not applying for me in pvp.

For example, i just won a match worth 999, collected 8 more during match, for 1007 total. Received 2266 gold. That’s 125% Bonus.

My pvp gold rewards have been in this range for a long time, months i think. A 3-trophy match sometimes gets me over 3k. (i feel more than a little foolish for not looking into this sooner).

Does anyone else have this issue?

There is no difficulty in PvP, so you don’t get the difficulty bonus.

(I “suppose” some could argue that PvP is more difficult because combo breaker is off but…)

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When difficulty was on ‘normal’, it showed 225% gold bonus i believe.

I’m over level 600, in a top 10 guild, and have deathknight armour equipped.