Gold, souls and xp %,

Hello i have a question, i was comparing % with a guild mate, he had 350% gold, 425% souls and 490% xp, using death knight armor and vip lvl 8, i have 300%gold, 400 %souls and 410% xp, using same armor but i am vip lvl 13 how can that be?

Those values are also affected by the difficulty settings.

What are the wright settings then if you play pvp

Because sometimes if i win i getting 112xp,then 135xp, then 185xp, it’s not a regular xp amount you get

He might have his explore set to warlord 4 and yours normal. Put them both on normal and see what they’re comparing like.

Ok thx let’s try that does that effects on pvp?

Don’t think so, just those stats under your character, therefore exploring etc.

Ok thank you