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Current -50% exp. bonus

just noticed (after buying deathnight armor) that we’re now getting -50% experience bonus (in the hero info/bonus tab). So can I assume that we’re getting a boost in something else to make up for that??

This feels like either a visual glitch or a severe bug. Can you post a screenshot? I’ve got Deathknight Armor and my “Armor Bonus” screen in the hero menu shows +100% to all bonuses, and this is also true on the “Bonuses” screen within that menu.

As far as I know, nothing should be subtracting in the game.

thanks for posting an answer. It looks like whatever it was got caught already. I went back in to take a screenshot of my bonus area & the special event area was back to 0%. Good to know.

or the re-start I did a few minutes ago cleared things up. Either way, I’m very happy now!

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