[Not a bug] Deathknight armor not giving gold bonus

(Not a bug, it was Cedric in game gold bonus that is different than hero gold multiplier.)

Deathknight armor not giving gold bonus, when using Hero talent ‘light fingers’. Could be broken else where, it’s hard to tell.

Platform, device version and operating system:

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Visualize in your mind, beginning of first turn and you have 10 gold.


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Hero talent light fingers gives 5 gold per turn.
I have a 205% gold bonus, +100% for VIP level, +100% Death Knight Armor, +5% pet.
I should get 15 gold per turn, instead I get 10.

I removed the Death knight armor and verified in bonus screen gold at 105%, and I still get 10 gold per turn. Equipping death knight armor and bringing gold bonus to 205%, I get 10 gold per turn. I am only getting bonus gold from VIP level, not death knight.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time, and I think it was a recent change. I thought I was getting 15 not long ago.

Steps to make it happen again
Hero with light finger talent wearing deathknight armor

Has global bonus (armor, VIP, etc) ever influenced how you gain gold during battle? To my understanding, it applies multiplier to total gold after the fight.

In-battle gold (extra turns, spells, light fingers) generation is governed by troop traits like ‘merchant’ and ‘moneybags’ (namely, just a hero with light fingers gives 5 gold per turn; hero and, for example, Apothecary with merchant trait give 6 gold per turn; hero and Cedric with moneybags trait give 10 gold per turn, regardless of global bonuses).


Like @Dust_Angel is saying.
Players soul, and gold bonuses only take affect after the match. (And XP of course)
Where as troop bonuses work during the match.

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Oh how disappointing, but yeah you’re right. Difference between using Cedric and double Cedric.

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As superfluous as it seems, a ton of bug reports would be solved if there were some kind of post-match reward breakdown screen that showed things like base gold, multiplier used, and final gold.

It doesn’t have to be as detailed as showing every step, but it’d help self-diagnosis to see “wait, I thought the multiplier should be this, why’s it different?”

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For the price that armor should be providing a 250% bonus to xp, gold, and souls.

The 50% increase to xp is trivial, and you can just swap celestial and dragon armor as needed.

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