Percentage of the the Hero bug

Thirty minutes ago my hero stats were lower and were that way for a few days. I was only getting 2000 plus gold matches. I was wearing my armor and nothing had been changed. Now I see my bonuses they way they were supposed to be. I know the older screenshot wad at a lower level but that really makes no difference. Half hour ago I had the gold percentage at 260% and now it’s back to 350. What gives. I changed nothing. I am getting robbed of my gold and experience. Before about the same stats. After returning stats. Had anyone else noticed this.

Changing the class made no difference before or after the stats.

I’m not sure if I really understand the circumstances, but those two screenshots are 53 levels apart. A lot of things could change in that time.

Those percentages are so far apart across the board it has to be partly due to your difficulty setting.

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I saved the broad cast on mixer. Here is the stats before they changed back and no any difficulty setting had not and can’t be changed on the main screen. This is xbox one.

I was trying to help… but then got pain in my neck from looking at the screenshots :slight_smile:


Did you join a different guild perhaps?

I don’t have any explanation for what might be happening. Sorry.

No I am guild leader. It was my level in the quest. It was set to normal. What I don’t get is why it affected my pvp gold and experience.

I believe I have seen this same bug on the XB1 console. The %gains listed for XP, gold, and souls appear to get “stuck” despite changing armor, and likewise the Difficulty keeps reverting to a previous setting.

Only thing that appears to unstick the XP bug is to switch your Armor several times, and then quit and restart to check that the new selection has taken hold.

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