Incorrect armor bonus? *Solution found*

Sorry, I’m new here and hopefully this isn’t a repeated thread, if so can you please direct me to the proper thread?

I recently purchased the Lapina pack and it gave me some gems too, so I used my gems to buy the pirate armor. Everything was okay, getting the proper amount of bonus gold and experience. which is 175% gold and 150% exp.

I logged in this morning and now I’m only receiving 125% gold and 110% exp?? Is this normal?
I called customer service, but I don’t feel confident that the worker knew what I was talking about.

I figured it out, I had the armor equipped in the appearance, but not not in the armor section. I also don’t know how to delete my own threads XD


You cannot delete the OP, only the Devs is able to. But you can edit it if you like to. :slight_smile:

Glad I could help! :wink:

And welcome to the forums @lapisrabbit!!

One more thing as you are new,

In addition the percentages shown on the main screen will change based on the difficulty of the last battle you had. So if you just played on Warlord III your XP/Gold/Souls will be shown at +75/+75/+100 respectively on top of other the other bonuses you get.